Top 8 Things You Can Use To Make Your Teeth Look Nice


When it comes to personal hygiene, nothing beats the importance of having nice and healthy teeth.

Little do people know, but we humans are pretty bad with maintaining our teeth. Chances are, you are doing something wrong and this article will hopefully shed some light on what that might be.

If your regular visit to the dentist results in the dentist teaching you a lesson in brushing, then sit back and enjoy it because this is the article for you.

1. Always Brush at Night

It’s a pretty obvious rule that you should always brush at least twice per day; when you get up and before you go to bed.

This is the general consensus regarding dental experts, although this can be definitely improved. Some even recommend brushing before heading out, after eating, etc.

However, if there is one constant in all of this is that you should never forget to brush before going to bed.

Whatever you do, this is the golden rule of dental hygiene and one you should never neglect.

By why is this so important? Why is brushing before heading to bed more important than after waking up? Well, there is a simple reason for it. When we go to bed, we are effectively idling in sleep. It is during this time that all of the microorganisms can do the most harm on your teeth. Every small piece of food stuck in between your teeth can do a lot of damage, and it is during the day that plaque, germs, and bacteria can accumulate and do the most harm.

2. Brush the Right Way


When we say the right way, we mean the right way. Brushing is the single most important factor that plays the biggest role in dental hygiene.

Everyone brushes, but it is the quality of brushing that makes the difference. Sometimes we are lazy and only do a surface brush. We simply take the toothbrush, put some toothpaste and scrub for 15 seconds.

You should avoid doing this immediately, as bad brushing is the equivalent of no brushing. Click here to understand which technique and movements to use to brush perfectly, or you should consult with your dentist directly.

3. Involve the Tongue

When it comes to dental hygiene and protecting your mouth from bacteria and plaque, the tongue is yet another important piece of the puzzle.

Little do we know but plaque can also accumulate on our tongues. If you’ve ever wondered why your breath smells bad, it is simply because of it. So, to eliminate the bad mouth odor, and promote oral hygiene, involve the tongue during your daily brushing.

4. Flossing is Equally Important

The dream duo of dental hygiene is the toothbrush and the floss. Although flossing is not that popular with most people, it should be something that we should take more notice of.

If you want your teeth to look nicer, then flossing is the best way to get into those spaces where the brush cannot. By flossing you are effectively making sure that no food debris is left between your teeth. And as we all know, it’s these little pieces that do the most damage.

For more information about flossing, brushing, and basic dental hygiene, make sure to visit New York Total Dental and get expert dental service.

5. Overcome Difficulties of Flossing

We figured we if we are to change people’s perspective on flossing, then we need to talk about the elephant in the room.

People don’t usually floss because of the difficulties that come with it. This process is by no means easy or convenient. The difficulties usually arise with children and older people.

Those that suffer from severe disorders such as Parkinson’s and arthritis are also in this bracket. But instead of giving up on it, why not try and overcome the difficulties. If it is that hard to do it, then do know you can always head to the drugstore and buy ready-to-use flossers.

6. How About Mouthwash?

Yet another tool that will make your teeth look nice, but a tool that most people aren’t familiar with or have generally no idea how it works.

When it comes to eliminating bacteria and microorganisms from your mouth, mouthwash is the best tool to use. Mouthwash works in three particular ways, meaning you can benefit from it a lot.

The first thing mouthwash does is eliminate the acids in your mouth. The second hygienic thing it does is that it cleans the most difficult to brush or floss areas of your teeth and mouth. It completely goes in around your gums and provides your teeth with the much-needed sterilization.

The last thing we use mouthwash for is to re-mineralize our teeth. Yes, you heard that right, mouthwash can strengthen your teeth with the minerals that they need the most. So, if you’re looking to perfect your teeth, then start using mouthwash.

On another note, mouthwash has all the ingredients that toothpaste has, and then some more. So, if you happen to be a person that has difficulties brushing or flossing, consider using mouthwash as an alternative.

7. Drink More Water

It is a general rule of thumb and a rule that every dentist will tell you, that you should always drink water after every meal and before going to bed.

Water is a much-underrated factor for promoting oral hygiene. Water can act as a substitute for brushing and flossing but in a different way. When we drink water, we effectively wash our mouths. Well, we can also wash out the debris from foods, acids, and various sticky fluids from drinking various beverages.

Plus, water rejuvenates our mouths and prevents these negative particles from forming bad odors in our mouths.

8. Cut Down on Acidic and Sugary Foods and Fluids

Sugar is probably the biggest teeth killer out there. Pair it with acids and it creates a combination that can harm even the healthiest of teeth.

So, to keep your teeth in perfect shape, consider limiting the intake of sugary and acidic foods and fluids.