Top 6 Online Flash Games


Nowadays, whenever you feel bored, or you’re in the middle of the night trying to get some sleep, all you got to do is take your phone and start playing some interesting games that you got installed on your device. That wasn’t the case if you were growing up in the 2000s. Back then, whenever we felt bored, we would sit on our computers and play some browser games. All you needed was an active internet connection and time to browse from the thousands of online flash games that were available on the internet. Online flash games are small enough to play on any system, you don’t need high-end gaming hardware, and an ideal place to start might be 4dinsingapore. Below we will give you our top 6 online flash games.

7. Pandemic 2

Pandemic 2 is a flash game where you have to spread a deadly virus around the world. Your objective is to kill everyone on the planet and you do that by upgrading the symptoms and attributes of your virus.

6. Fancy Pants World 2


This online flash game is an adventure 2D platformer with a line drawing art style. The main character is fancy pants, a teenage stick figure with spiky hair and the popular yellow pants. His objective is to retrieve and ice cream that the angry rabbit stole from the mayor of Squiggleville. He then tells him that he must retrieve it for the sake of humanity, justice, and so that World 2 will have a significant plot line.

All in all, every single Fancy Pants game was amazing for a flash game promising great number of fun filled hours.

5. Swords and Souls

Swords and Soul looks a lot like Swords and Sandals but, instead of a gladiator, your character is a rogue, and he wishes to be the best in the land. This game is pretty solid as you can use items and magic to aid you in battle and you can do lots of upgrades on the main protagonist in the game.

4. Bloons TD

Any Bloons TD flash game can be on this list. Bloons TD is a classic tower defense game where you have to deploy monkeys with different skills and constantly upgrade them to defeat the balloons. All towers are monkeys in this game, and they shoot by throwing darts at the balloons. You can pop balloons with Bloons TD on

3. MotherLoad

This flash game looks a lot like Dig Dug. The objective of the game is to dig, and dig, and dig, collecting resources in exchange for money and constantly upgrading and fixing your drill car. Although the graphics are poor and outdated, the gameplay is why this game is so addictive.

2. Super Smash Flash 2

Super Smash Flash 2 is a fan-made version of Nintendo’s most popular game Super Smash Bros. The game features official and unofficial Nintendo Characters to play as. The game has all the modes such as training and online play the developers have been updating it for years. It’s thanks to the developers that kept it alive for years, and we thank them for that.

1. Happy Wheels

This game is by far the most popular and advanced flash game. With over 10 million YouTube gaming videos, this objective of this game is to make it through levels, which were user created, without getting your head chopped off. The game lets you choose various characters, which all are riding on some sorts of wheels. The game has limitless content all thanks to the community, and this is the best flash game because it offers so much.