Top 6 Best Android Games in 2016


For those who are fond of playing games on their mobile devices, this has been a fruitful year. Many of the games were launched for both Android OS and iOS. Here is the list of six mobile games considered to be the best in 2016, starting from Pokémon Go all the way to the new:

Pokémon Go for Android

A location-based game gives you an opportunity to locate, seize and fight against the other Pokémon creatures. It quickly became a worldwide sensation, and it was proclaimed for the most popular game in the Google Play Store for the year 2016. for Android

The prime goal is to become the longest worm/snake on the server while controlling a worm-like avatar. In a few words, the players should avoid other snakes while being on a quest for food, and that is the only task in this game, and yet it reached the fourth place on a Google’s Top Trending Games list for 2016.

Clash Royale for Android

Similarly to Clash of Clans, Clash Royale has obtained a great success. The Pokémon Go is followed closely by Clash Royale as the most downloaded games in 2016. A strategy game includes elements such as card collecting, tower defense and fighting against the other players.

Fallout Shelter for Android

Fallout Shelter came out in 2015 with an extremely favorable outcome, and already in July this year, it has been updated with few new characters, settings, and opponents. The whole point of the game is to create a shelter and to govern a community.

Traffic Rider for Android

The main aim of the game is to win a race while riding a bike. The advantages of the game that put it at the front are first-person perspective, 26 bike options, real motor sounds, and very nice riding environments.

Dream League Soccer for Android

The game was released back in April this year. It is a football video game where players can create teams on their own and train them. The game is said to be in the Top 10 among sports games in Belgium, Italy, Singapore, and Turkey.