Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Summer Weight Loss


Bikini season is a major motivator for weight loss. Many women commit to diets and exercise regimens in the winter or spring and successfully get close to or even reach their weight loss and general fitness goals before summer hits.

Unfortunately, these drastic lifestyle changes are somewhat unlikely to stick. Many women find themselves gaining back some or all of the weight they lost before summer is even over. This year, keep yourself on track with these five simple tips that will help you maintain your summer weight loss through fall and far beyond.

1. Be Realistic


Losing weight and successfully keeping that weight gone depends on general lifestyle changes. One of the most common mistakes many women make when they’re trying to lose weight specifically for the upcoming bikini season is focusing on what strategies will help them lose the most weight the fastest rather than on what techniques will help them lose and keep off a safe amount of weight.

Not only are these crash diets and drastic lifestyle changes difficult or even impossible to sustain, but they can also even be harmful to your metabolism and your general health long-term. It is much more effective and safer, in the long run, to make smaller, healthy changes to your lifestyle that you will be able to sustain long-term.

2. Invest in Nice Swimwear

Investing in nice, luxury swimwear in your current size can act as a great motivator to help you stay at the size you’re at instead of backsliding and gaining back the weight you’ve lost. Toss your old swimwear styles and invest in a few ultra-stylish, hot and revealing bikinis that you’re ultra-excited to wear.


Every time you think about doing something that might hurt your weight loss progress, thinking about the new swimwear wardrobe waiting for you at home might help you reconsider and decide on a healthier option. If you’re just not a bikini gal, the same rule applies for hot luxury lingerie that you can wear to show off your figure in the bedroom. If you are interested in this lingerie, visit

3. Overcome Over-Indulgence

Summer is full of temptations for over-indulgence. Tasty summertime treats—ice cream, anyone?—neighborhood barbecues, summer vacations filled with rich restaurant meals, etc. etc. are all enemies to your new healthy lifestyle that helped you lose weight in the first place.


You don’t have to spend the summer depriving yourself of yummy food. Just have a plan how to combat and overcome the temptations of over-indulgence you’ll inevitably face. If you’re headed to a neighborhood barbecue, bring along a yummy salad to share that will help fill you up and dissuade you from indulging in that second hotdog. If you go on vacation, try to rent a place with a functional kitchen. Visit a local grocery store when you arrive and pick up healthy snacks and meal essentials and stay in for some meals. You’ll end up saving money in addition to calories.

4. Be Careful with Drinks

Refreshing summer drinks—sugary Frappucinos, fruity ice-blended alcoholic drinks, etc.—tend to be very high in calories. Instead of indulging in these tempting drinks this summer, make your own fun, delicious refreshments that are lower in fat, sugar, and calories.


Pinterest and similar idea platforms have some awesome ideas for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshing summery drinks that are easy to make and tasty to enjoy but aren’t packed with empty calories that will overthrow your fitness progress.

5. Seek Out Temperature-Controlled Exercise

If you’ve been going for a 3-mile run every day around your neighborhood or playing tennis with your friends every weekend, that’s great. However, if the exercise regimen you’ve developed depends on mild weather, make plans in advance to adjust your routine once summer is in full swing and the weather really starts to heat up. This is especially important if you live in an environment that gets unbearably hot and humid outside in the summertime.


It’s easy to get out of your outdoor exercise routine if it’s just too hot to keep up with it. Don’t let the heat dictate your activity level. Seek out temperature-controlled exercise opportunities instead. If you get easily bored with stationary exercise bikes and treadmills, find a gym that offers more entertaining fitness classes—like HIIT workout classes, spin classes, or Zumba lessons. If you usually stay active via outdoor sports, check out indoor rock-climbing gyms or indoor racquetball courts.