Top 5 NBA Teams At The Start Of 2016/2017 Seasons


We are almost one month into the NBA season and the race for the Playoffs is just starting to heat up. But, we already know which teams are going to be good and going to fight for the biggest goals of them all. There are some squads that were unhealthy to start the year as the Boston Celtics, while there are some teams that just underachieved like the Indiana Pacers. Let’s see which of those did meet our expectations.

5. TORONTO RAPTORSDeMar DeRozan is playing the best basketball of his career. He is averaging over 30 PPG while not being a three-point shooter. This team is playing really well and is one of the best in the NBA right now.

4. SAN ANTONIO SPURS – Even though their anchor and leader is not there anymore, Spurs haven’t missed a beat behind the leadership of Kawhi Leonard. He is the best two-way player in the game and a perfect face of the Spurs franchise going forward.

3. GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS – This might surprise everyone, but we can’t rank them higher just because of those two big losses that they had. They are rolling right now, but there are two squads that have been just a bit better than the Super Team.

2. CLEVELAND CAVALIERS – We are putting the defending champions right at the second position just because they lost a game to the Pacers in which LeBron didn’t play. Besides that, they continued right where they left off last season and will most likely represent the East in the NBA Finals.

1. LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS – Doc Rivers’ company has been great so far. They are not the favorites to win the title now, but they have been the best in the month of October and November. It’s going to be interesting to see what this team does going forward and when they meet with the Cavs and Warriors. And yes, they already blew out the Spurs in San Antonio.