Top 5 Movies to Watch in 2019 

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Even though TV shows have been grabbing the majority of our attention lately, sometimes we aren’t ready to commit to several seasons but we’re looking for something more casual, something that lasts around 2 hours. That’s why movies are a great option. Half of the year has passed already and we’re presenting you the list of some of the best movies that were released in the last 6 months. Of course, many more big movies are about to come later this year such as “Frozen II” that will definitely make an impact.

Captain Marvel

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It seems that everything that comes from the Marvel universe is simply great. We got a great story, amazing humor that is kind of expected in an MCU movie, and we finally got a female protagonist from the MCU. As numerous movies that came before it had enormous success, a lot was expected from “Captain Marvel” as well. “Black Panther won the first Oscar for the MCU and “Avengers: Infinity War” made 2 billion dollars worldwide. Now it’s time to see what “Captain Marvel” has to offer.
The movie is everything you would expect it to be and more. It is a spectacular intro into the “Avengers: Endgame.” It’s entertaining, it’s got action and humor in just the right amounts and Brie Larson proved to be the perfect choice for this movie.
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John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

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Keanu Reeves is loved by 90% of the Internet. We’re all constantly talking about this charming, wonderful man and John Wick reminded us why we love him so much. After the first John Wick movie in which Reeves was chasing the man who murdered his dog, came two sequels that were equally good. Reeves did amazing playing John Wick even though the story is kind of funny. We didn’t think it would be possible but the fights are even more elaborate and complex than they were in the first two movies.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

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This sequel was what everyone has been waiting for. It’s simply spectacular and not just visually. The story is absolutely captivating and certain scenes in the movie are jaw-dropping. If you were a fan of the first two “How to train your dragon” movies this one isn’t going to disappoint you. The beauty of it is that you can enjoy it no matter how old you are. Even though I’m not a kid anymore, I wiped away a couple of tears from my cheek. Don’t judge.


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This movie was a completely new experience for me. We came for Jordan Peele’s “Get out” but we stayed for “Us.” This movie was even more intriguing and even more ambitious than “Get out.” Of course, once the movie ends, you’re left with numerous unanswered questions, but I believe that to be a good thing. You can contemplate the meaning of certain scenes and dialogs for days. “Us” is an allegory for life in the U.S. which kind of becomes clear after Lupita’s famous line in the movie:” We’re Americans.” Lupita’s part in the movie wasn’t easy, but she performed amazingly.


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This fun and the joyous movie will certainly make you smile. Zachary Levi is playing an awkward, excited and highly enthusiastic 14-year-old who’s discovering his new abilities. It’s an adorable movie that I highly recommend everyone to watch with friends with whom they can laugh with.