Top 5 Criteria You Should Follow to Hire Professional Academic Writers


Not everyone’s writing skills are advanced and some people struggle with this craft. Sometimes, you need professional help and it is not a scary thing to look for it.

The good thing about hiring a professional writing service is that you get to pick your own academic writer with advanced skills. This is excellent because you get work with someone that can help you produce a quality paper. But this also gives you the undesirable task of trying to pick the right professional academic writer. However, this is an important task because the writer you pick can make or break your paper.

Plus, there’s no shortage of academic writing services offering custom-written academic papers on the internet. If you Google, you are bound to get dozens of results, and all of them will claim that they have professional academic writers on their staff. However, some of these custom writing services lie, and students still hire them only to get a subpar paper or one that has been plagiarised.

Since the student is in a rush, they don’t take time to vet the writer that has agreed, and they pay for it dearly in more ways than one. At this point, if you are asking yourself how you can identify professional writers to handle your assignment. Keep reading on for the right selection criteria, as we have listed five them below.

1. Know what you want

Have you ever gone shopping without a list? It is not recommended because you end up getting what you don’t need. Same applies when hunting for an academic writer – have a checklist handy. While the custom writing services will do its best to match you with someone suits your requirements, you still need to follow up. Only then can you proceed.

Ask the writing service if you can speak to the perspective writer so you can interview them. Ask the writer as many questions as possible. Do they check all the right boxes? If not, don’t be afraid to bring it to the attention of the custom writing service. If there’s no one you like, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere.

2. Ask to see their samples

Just because you get on along well with the writer through written communication, it doesn’t mean you can trust their academic writing skills just yet. Ask to see a sample of their work. Tell them to send you at least three samples so you can judge them for quality and consistency.

The last thing you don’t want is having to hire someone only to find out that their academic writing skills aren’t up to mark. For example, if the final paper comes to you with a lot of grammatical errors, you will have to waste time fixing or requesting revisions. Seeing sample can tell you exactly what you are dealing with.

3. Ensure instructions are guidelines are clear

To further increase the chance of getting the quality paper, make sure instructions are communicated clearly to the writer. Make sure they understand what paper you want to be written and how you want it to be written. Give them samples of your writing so they can match your writing style as much as possible.

Besides that, the most important thing that needs to be communicated without fail in the deadline. Make sure the writer understands when you need the paper so that they hand it to you in good time for review and revisions. Just keep in mind that, with most custom writing services, the sooner you need the paper, the more you will get charged for the urgency.

4. Come up with a plan for communication

You also need to make sure that there is a clear line of communication between you and the writer. Agree upon times when you can talk about the progress of the paper. That way, you can ensure that the writer is on the right track with the paper. If they’re not, this gives you an opportunity to course correct them.

If the writer doesn’t agree to a communication plan with constant updates, tread lightly. It could be that they want to hand you a subpar paper you will have no choice but to accept because your deadline is looming and you desperate to hand in the paper. Always make sure the assignment is going the way you want it to.

5. Give them all the information they need to write your paper

Lastly, make sure the writer has all the information they need to write you a quality paper. If you would like certain information added to it, send it to them, so they know exactly what to include to make it a quality paper. If you have samples of the paper you are looking for, send it to them for inspiration.

Since you are paying them, you need to make sure that you are getting value for your money. So making sure that the writer doesn’t miss any critical bit of information is a must. Telling them to add it during the revision phase or adding it yourself can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if the deadline is near.

With that five criteria in mind when looking for an academic writer, you are bound to hire a true professional. Remember, hiring a professional academic writer is essential to getting a high- quality paper worth high marks. If you don’t take time to vet them, you might end up with someone that gets you charged for plagiarism or a subpar paper that gets you a failing grade. That would be a waste of time and money.