Top 5 Best Looking Finishers In WWE Today


The finishing move is very important for the character of a superstar. It’s their major thing that they are using when they want to end the match. Big moves always get good crowd reactions, and it’s important for them to look good, believable as a legit hit that can hurt the opponent, and dangerous. Here are the best-looking moves in the WWE right now.

5. Undertaker – Tombstone Piledriver – When the Undertaker makes a hand gesture in which he cuts his throat you know that it’s over. Tombstone Piledriver just looks beautiful and believable as a legit finisher. It can seriously hurt somebody, and that’s what makes it great.

4. Baron Corbin – End Of Days – The name of the finisher is just so fitting for Baron Corbin. He does this move effortlessly, and it just looks like a poetry in motion. Not the only good move that Corbin has but this one makes a statement every single time.

3. Randy Orton – RKO – The presentation that Randy Orton does before he does the RKO makes this move legit. His mannerisms in the ring have always been great, and the anticipation for the RKO makes his finisher a thing of beauty.

2. AJ Styles – Styles Clash – As soon as he came to the WWE, the people were dying to see his first Styles Clash in his new company. The finisher just looks great as he hooks opponent’s hands with his legs and then plants the opponent right on his face. He also does this thing when he covers the guy as a continuation of the move, and it just flows smoothly.

1. Neville – Red Arrow – Now that he is a heel, Neville is a great all-around character. But, when he was a babyface, the only thing exciting about him was that amazing finisher when he goes up to the top rope and does almost a full 480 on the opponent and falls belly-to-belly on him. The motion is great, the name is great, and it looks dangerous.