Top 5 Active Players Without A Super Bowl Trophy


A lot of great players in the NFL have won the Super Bowl trophy in their careers. Almost every Hall Of Fame-bound quarterback has done it. We don’t often see a gifted player on that position without at least one title. But there are some, and some are on this list as well. We are ranking these players by looking at their careers, what they have done, and how good they are.

We will not include guys like Andrew Luck who are gifted, but have only been in the league for a couple of years and still have a lot of time to win it all someday.

5) Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys – Witten is a Hall Of Fame Tight End that has never even been to a Championship game, and of course, he is without trips to the Super Bowl. It would be nice to see him win one title before he decides to call it a career.

4) Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys – Tony has always been considered as one of the best and most talented quarterbacks in the NFL, but the postseason success has almost never been there for him and the Cowboys. He might get one more shot to win it in Dallas. They also might decide to ship him somewhere else.

3) Phillip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers – Rivers has proven to be the more skilled player than Eli Manning, a guy that Chargers selected with the first overall pick back in 2004. Still, Eli has two titles and Rivers has none. The window is closing for Rivers with each passing day.

2) Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals – Fitz will be a Hall Of Famer, there is no doubt about that. Still, he hasn’t been able to win the Super Bowl ring in his phenomenal career. He is playing at a high level even as he is aging and has proven to be the best wideout that Arizona had in 2016. Cards will retool this offseason and Fitz might get that one title before he retires.

1) Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings – Peterson has had some big injury problems in the past couple of years. But, he has proven that he can return from those and play at a high level. We expect him to be back at full strength next season and to be one of the best running backs in the NFL. If Minny boosts its offense, they will be dangerous next year.