Top 4 hi-tech home security features you should invest in


If you’ve recently moved into a new property, you may be worried about the security of your home, especially if renovating, as your home may be less secure if you have workers coming in and out. To improve the security of your home and its content, you should invest in hi-tech security features which will allow you to monitor your house at all times.

To help you choose the right the security features in your home, you should take a look at the following features which will reassure you and help to protect from theft.

Security cameras


One of the most obvious ways to protect your home is by installing a security camera. While you can opt for a traditional camera to monitor the inside and outside of your house, many upgrades will offer you much more than low-quality surveillance. You could start by connecting your existing CCTV camera system to the internet to help you monitor your property remotely. This is much more beneficial than checking the original tapes, which is a time-consuming process. According to, by using a remote system, you can even watch your home in real time to ensure it is safe when you’re at work or on holiday.

Video doorbells


A step up from security cameras and one of the latest technological innovations is the introduction of video doorbells. This technology works by connecting a smartphone or home hub to the doorbell via Bluetooth or WiFi to get real-time alerts straight to your phone when someone rings. This is ideal during the renovation process, as you will tend to receive a lot of deliveries, so even if you’re out the house, you know what has arrived, and if need be, you can come back home to collect it. There are several models to choose from, offering everything from night vision to motion detection for convenience and protection.

Automated doors


Property companies like RW Invest recognise the potential of automated door systems by installing them in their developments to attract investors. This is a great selling point, as it will enhance tenant interest due to the level of automated security doors can offer, which will prevent intruders from entering the property. You could also consider using automated systems for your front gates, which will prevent you from having to get out of your car and close them over when returning home. This will also make sure that your gate is locked correctly and should deter intruders from trying to push the barriers open.

Motion sensors


If you want to prevent intruders from even entering your path, you should consider investing in motion sensor technology. There are plenty of devices available at the moment, which can alert you when someone is near your home. You can place them in your front garden, as well as by your door and windows to ensure your whole property is protected. Motion detection devices in the Hive Home collection can even be set up to turn on your lights when you open the front door, which protects not only your property but also yourself and your family.