Top 3 Dallas Cowboys Most Expensive Positions


The Dallas Cowboys needed to send Tony Romo to another team as was the backup quarterback that was earning a boat load of money. Now when they are not paying him as he has decided to retire, the quarterbacks on the Dallas Cowboys are making under three million dollars since their starter is still on a rookie deal while also being drafted in the fourth round. Here are the positions that are going to be the most expensive for Jerry Jones in 2017.

3) OFFENSIVE LINE, $25,974,058 – The bread and butter of the Dallas Cowboys. The massive offensive line that makes it all possible on the offensive side of the ball. Tyron Smith is their most expensive lineman with just under nine million per year while Zach Martin and Travis Frederick are also paid pretty well. In total, they have 15 offensive linemen on their payroll.

2) DEFENSIVE LINE, $26,737,754 – Yeah, the defensive line is actually going to cost the Cowboys more than the o-line. Tyrone Crawford is their highest paid defender at $10.350.000 per year, while they have 17 players in total when it comes to the defensive line. The number of players is a big reason for the d-line being paid as much as it is.

1) WIDE RECEIVERS, $28,417,814 – A season ago, Tony Romo was the most expensive player. This year, it is Dez Bryant as he is earning around $17.000.000 a year. He is by far their most highest paid player, by far their most expensive wideout as well. Nobody else is getting over 5 million dollars at this position. Dez is the biggest reason that this position is hitting the Cowboys’ cap most.