Top 3 Best Teams In NBA Eastern Conference


There is no doubt abut the fact that Eastern Conference has less true Championship contenders than the Western Conference. But, the case can be made that East is deeper than the West. They have a lot of decent to good teams. Still, when we are talking about which conference is tougher, you have to go with the one that has more title contenders.

Today, we are going to take a look at top three teams in the East.

3) BOSTON CELTICS – They had a bit of a rough start, but they are still one of the best squads in the East. Defensive rebounding is an issue for this team, and they have to fix that if they want to be a threat to the best in the NBA. As of right now, they are third in the East and third on our list. Isaiah Thomas is having a career-year, just like Avery Bradley. This squad is deep and when they get it together, they will be scary in the East.

2) TORONTO RAPTORS – They aren’t slowing down after they had the best season in the franchise’s history. DeMar DeRozan is a legit MVP Candidate so far. He was on a tear to start the season by averaging over 34 PPG. It was expected that numbers like that would drop off, but he will finish in the high 20s. They are the winners of six straight matches and are looking like a lock for the top three seed.

1) CLEVELAND CAVALIERS – There is no doubt who the sheriff in town is. LeBron James is still the best player in the NBA, Kyrie Irving is a rising superstar that is a proven point guard, an NBA Champion who got the job done on the biggest stage in basketball. Kevin Love is getting involved more this season. Coach Lue and King James are recognizing the fact that Warriors have gotten better and that Love needs to be the one to give Cavs much-needed boost. But, that is in the Finals. As it comes to the East, they are clear-cut favorites.