Top 13 AI and ML Companies – How to Find a Reliable AI and ML Development Partner in 2020


According to experts, in 2020, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies will become even more breakthrough and will be able to solve even more tasks of ordinary people and businesses. Very soon, we will be able to observe a picture when a business simply cannot exist and develop without data and technologies that help analyze and draw conclusions based on them. For this reason, in this article we compiled a list of the best AI and ML companies, and also talked about how to choose a reliable vendor for your developments in 2020. If you are interested more about this topic visit for Machine Learning Course.

Choosing AI and ML Consulting Company  – The Research Done by SPD Group

Not so long ago, the SPD Group conducted extensive research and gave its competent assessment of 13 AI and ML companies from all over the world so we are gladly sharing the results of this research with you.

During the study, the company evaluated the vendors according to the following criteria using a five-point scale.

  • Expertise
  • Communication
  • Managements
  • Engagement models and pricing
  • Maintenance and scaling
  • Pros and cons

All results are based on personal interaction experience. After evaluating each of the criteria, the selected company received an average final grade. Here is a shortlist of selected Top AI companies, and Top ML companies as well.

Top AI Companies 2020

AI Company from London, UK – 4,3

This company specializes in creating AI and ML solutions as well. Communication is organized as standard, but if the client wants to meet with the team in person, he can add transportation costs to the development budget. Also, the team supports and continues to train the created solution, including free of charge for two days a month for a year.

AI Company from Kyiv, Ukraine – 3,3

This company has very impressive experience in creating machine learning systems, uses advanced technologies, works with big data and encourages customer communication with each team member as necessary. However, it is also worth mentioning the long waiting time for a response and a fuzzy pricing system.

AI Company from Kyiv & Wilmington

The App Solutions is a custom software development company that provides a range of services including dedicated teams, product development, staffing, quality assurance, technological consulting, business analysis, and R&D to start-ups, SMBs and enterprise clients globally.

This company is an expert in AI, ML, Big Data and Cloud-Based Solutions development. And is an official Google Cloud Partner.

AI Company from Minsk, Belarus – 3,9

This company is ready to talk about the specifics of its experience only after signing the NDA. In addition, despite the fact that the company offers flexible options for setting the development price, it is possible to pay for the work only by bank transfer. Communication is a strong point of the company, as the client has the opportunity to attend daily stand-ups, plus receive weekly reports and demos.

AI Company from New Jersey, USA – 4,5

Specialists from this company are able to work with a full stack of technologies, and are not limited to creating AI solutions only. They work with clients around the world, so the team has a convenient system of communication with customers, despite the time difference of up to 8 hours. The pricing system is honest, there are discounts and bonuses.

AI Company from Hanoi, Vietnam – 4

This company is not flexible in terms of communication, but this is offset by flexible pricing. They claim that adhering to deadlines is their strength, and time differences are not an obstacle. As for technology, big data is included as well.

AI Company from Kyiv & Tel-Aviv – 4,6

This company has a very fast response speed, plus the interaction begins with direct contact with COO, who immerses in the specifics of the business, understands what needs to be done, and only after that transfers the task to the team. In addition, they support the outstaffing model – in case you personally want to control all processes and interact with the team offline.

Top ML Companies 2020

ML Company from the Ozark Mountains, USA – 3,8

This company boasts the observance of quality standards in servicing and communication, they support Agile methodology, plus they deeply immerse themselves in the customer’s business processes and correctly evaluate the deadlines and cost using The Ignition process.

ML Company from Minsk – 4

The company works with a wide stack of technologies, which will be enough to create an ML solution. Communication and internal work are organized as standard. On the one hand, this is correct and effective, but the company does not use any special technologies and is limited to Skype, Jira, and Dropbox for all tasks. In addition, the site does not provide clear pricing information.

ML Company from Kyiv – 2,5

This company has an excellent response rate, but they have only one office in Kyiv. Also, it is almost impossible to learn anything about the organization of the work of the team without a personal meeting, Skype call and signing the NDA.

ML Company from USA and India – 4,3

This is a full-fledged development company that specializes not only in ML solutions. They organize projects at Jira which is supported by Basecamp. The company encourages daily communication between the customer and the team. Representatives of the company also confirm that they are able to develop a project within the deadline and budget in 95% of cases, while the remaining 5% are situations when the requirements for the project change.

ML Company from San Francisco, California – 4,4

The company has a very transparent pricing system since the cost of an hour of development work is agreed upon in advance. The preferred way of communication is to constantly communicate with the project manager. In addition, the company uses the most advanced technologies and has good expertise in creating AI and ML solutions.

Another ML Company from Minsk – 4,5

This company also has very good expertise, a clear pricing model, plus instant communication — they support the 10-minute rule, during which the answer to any question will be found and sent.

What Is the Difference Between AI and ML Development?

At this stage, you can ask the question of why the above study delimits the AI and ML development companies into two blocks? The fact is that AI and ML are not the same thing, so special skills and technologies are required to create each of the solutions. In simple words, machine learning is a system that learns using data, and artificial intelligence is a system that can make its own decisions.

How to Choose an AI Vendor in 9 Steps

So, now you have a list of companies that may be potentially suitable for your task, however, how to find your perfect match? You have only 9 steps left for the goal.

1. Identify your problem

It’s obvious that an AI solution should solve a particular problem of your business — for example, to prevent credit card fraud, if this is relevant to you. In other words, understand what you want and how you will use it.

2. Choose on the geographical location of a company

The above study contains companies from different parts of the world. And although most of them have a transparent pricing system, it is obvious that the price of services for the development of AI solutions cannot be the same for everyone – due to the difference in the economic realities of each country. So, if you choose a company from the USA, then you will pay the highest price, or the lowest – if you choose a company from Vietnam or India. In this regard, an AI development company – SPD Group will be the best middle ground in terms of price and quality.

3. Create a shortlist of potentially suitable vendors

You already have the first candidates for your shortlist, however, you can expand it using and filtering the suitable companies according to your important parameters.

4. Explore their portfolio

This is perhaps the most important indicator – the company you choose should have real-life experience in creating AI solutions. By the way, do not hesitate to sing NDA to find out more important details – this action does not oblige you to continue cooperation.

5. Ask for a free consultation

At this stage, you will be able to evaluate the response speed and quality of the first interview. Write to several companies at once to get data for further comparison.

6. Make sure the company understands your goals

Pay attention to how the company will immerse itself in your business processes and what solutions and technologies it will offer to realize your goal. This should not be a standard solution – a solution for your business should satisfy the specific needs of your company.

7. Prepare to answer a lot of question

The number of questions is an indicator of the company’s interest in your project. And this is the right situation when you have to answer a lot of questions about your business, goals, time, experience, expectations, ideas and so on.

8. Ask your questions as well

Here is a list of questions that you also need to ask in order to be able to evaluate the expertise of the company and understand how comfortable it is for you to communicate and interact with them.

  • What AI technologies do they use in their business?
  • Is it possible to see their developments in practice?
  • What tools and methodology do they offer to create your project?
  • How the communication between the team and a customer is established?
  • What is the price?

9. Choose the company that suits your business best

We will shorten your path to the right choice – SPD Group, which did this research and whose representative wrote this article for you, meets all of the above criteria. Get in touch with them and ask for a free consultation right now!

Richard Orland
Computer and Games Lover from Canada.

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