Top 11 Most Expensive Pickup Trucks!


12Most Expensive Pickup Trucks

In the past, pickup trucks were only utilitarian modes of transport, and no one made no fuss about them. You load it with materials and haul it to the job site. There was no special comfort for drivers of pickups, and they really didn’t expect any to be honest. However, times change, and nowadays the majority of trucks are actually quite expensive and luxury-oriented. People that buy them enjoy leather cabins and many, many pricey gimmicks that are there to please them.

But not everything has changed. Even though modern pickups have luxurious features and are indeed offered with top-notch driver accommodations, they are still trucks. For example, four-door models are amazing for active families that are a bit adventurous. Pack your little ones, pack yourself and go. You can even tow a boat, trailer or a kayak and visit the lake or campsite. If you are looking for an adventure, you definitely should click here to see some of the recommendations on where to go and what to carry.

If water sports are not your cup of tea, maybe you have dirt bikes or bicycles, and you are an off-road kind of guy? That’s not a problem. Pickup will do the hauling for you. And in the end, you just need to hose off the truck bed. It’s not like you need to clean it in detail like in one of those expensive SUVs.

On top of that, there are many automakers that compete in this field. Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, Nissan, Ram, and Toyota are big on pickups. They are fierce rivals on the market, and they deliver models that are beautiful, strong and good to have. And their names are also quite evocative – King Ranch, Laramie Longhorn, High Country, Denali and Platinum Reserve. And the price can get really exuberant. For example, the most expensive out there is the top 4WD Platinum Crew Cab edition of the Ford F-450 heavy duty truck. Its price is somewhere near $90,000, and when you think of it, the price tag of $100,000 is within range, and quite possibly in the future, some trucks will pass that figure.

On the other hand, it is quite interesting that there are no bona fide luxury brands competing in the field of full-size pickups. Lincoln tried to make a breakthrough with their Blackwood but failed terribly. Cadillac partially succeeded with its Escalade EXT but made no significant impact. Mercedes-Benz just revealed their luxury X-Class pickup, but they have no plans of selling it in the U.S. which is bonkers really. All of this means that in the US, the truck market will still be dominated by domestic brands. Ford F-150 is most likely to prevail as the sovereign ruler and best-selling model among all vehicle types in America.

Now let’s take a look at most expensive pickup trucks, heavy-duty full-size models that will make your head spin when you see their price.