All of us have at least once heard the expression “bodybuilder,” and we know that they represent a massive man or a woman and that they have become a mainstream thing. Right? Nothing out of the ordinary? Guess again. Here we have a list of 10 most incredible people that have ever lifted weights. Did you ever questioned yourself “how old is the world’s oldest bodybuilder,” or can you lift the weights if you’re are “missing limb or two”? Here we have this awesome list of people who didn’t ask the questions but did the job. Please, check it out the list of ten most unexpected bodybuilders.

Barbie Steinsholt Thomas

Barbie Steinsholt suffered a freak accident while she was just a child and this left her without both of her arms. Living with both upper limbs is something that we take for granted, but Barbie had to live without them. This deficiency didn’t push her back but only made her stronger. She went into bodybuilding and is already ten years into the business.

1 weird bodybuilders Barbie Steinsholt Thomas

Amanda Loy

Amanda Loy, also known as Tiny Titan, is a professional bodybuilder from Scottsdale, Arizona. She is 4 feet tall and 72 pounds heavy and refers to herself as “fun-sized human.” During 2014, she emerged as the first female little person to pose at NPC main stage.

2 weird bodybuilders Amanda Loy

Nick Scott

Nick Scott was diagnosed as a person with paraplegia back in 1998. His personal doctor has told him that he would never walk again. This sad news didn’t depress him, but on the contrary, Scott started lifting weights in his wheelchair. Nick was so persistent in his workout that he lost 120 pounds and to this day is a professional bodybuilder.

3 weird bodybuilders Nick Scott 640x447

Mark Smith

A war veteran from Afghanistan Mark Smith lost his leg during a routine training mission. This kind of accident would be enough for anyone to stop fighting but not for Mark. When he was informed about Pure Elite tournament for athletes with disablement, he didn’t need any additional boost but started working on his body. His primary motivation was to set an example for his children and to as he said it to “ make something out of himself.” He’s hard work has paid off, and he is an example to all of us. The picture said it all.

4 weird bodybuilders Mark Smith 640x360

Matt Kroczaleski / Janae Marie

One of the most interesting stories in this article is the tail of Janae Marie who once was a man known as Matt Kroczaleski. The once world champion powerlifter discovered that he is, in fact, a transgender woman. The news was surprise for the world but not for her. In her own words she is “transgender” and “gender fluid”, and an “alpha male, girly girl, lesbian in a male body”.

5 weird bodybuilders Matt Kroczaleski Janae Marie 640x361

Hasan Banks

Hasan Banks was diagnosed with Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 7 which is a syndrome that takes away your ability to move your muscles while doing voluntary movements such as walking or moving objects. This would render any person that want to body-build unable to do this activity, but not Hasan! He still remains amateur, but active bodybuilder in region of Clearwater in Florida.

6 weird bodybuilders Hasan Banks 640x640

Ray Moon

Most people are in retirements home or even dead when they enter their eighties but not Ray Moon. At a tender age of 86 Ray is officially world’s oldest competitive bodybuilder. He makes gains and pumps iron on a daily basis.

7 weird bodybuilders Ray Moon 640x417

Edith Wilma Connor

The world’s oldest female bodybuilder is Edith Connor. Fun fact about her is that she started working out when she was already in her sixties. At first, she was dealing with fitness until she discovered powerlifting. In addition to being a bodybuilder, Edith is also a personal trainer, with a certificate, specializing in ‘mature body.’

8 weird bodybuilders Edith Wilma Connor

Aditya Dev

Aditya Dev is one of most recognizable people in bodybuilding. His pictures circle the Internet because at the height of 2’9’ and 22 lbs he was the smallest bodybuilder in history. He’s suffered from Primordial Dwarfism and had to workout with specially made weights, but this didn’t stop him. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us because he passed away due to a brain aneurysm.

9 weird bodybuilders Aditya Dev


Last but not least is Sasha also known as Shpak. We left him at the end because he carries the title of world’s weirdest bodybuilder. In addition to his massive muscles gained trough exercising he also has other notable things on himself. Sasha loves to experiment with his body, so some of his experiments include cosmetic surgeries, steroids, tattoos, fangs, silicone chest implants, teardrop-shaped nipples.

10 samyh neobychnyh bodibilderov v mire 10 640x370


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