Top 10 Old Vehicles Still On Sale


Some vehicles that are produced turn out to be so good that you don’t need to fix them at all and the successor is unnecessary. Sometimes, the carmakers don’t have enough money to do the overhaul, while sometimes these cars are profitable so it would be negligent to replace them.

TheFastLaneCar compiled the list of 10 vehicles that should have already been retired, but they are still fighting. The first vehicle that has been here with us since 2005 is the Nissan Frontier, which has been replaced with the Navara in overseas markets, but it still holds on in the States.


Another car worth mentioning is the Jeep Wrangler which was launched back in 2007 and considering the popularity of this machine it is clear why the company didn’t offer the successor till now. At least Jeep will introduce the new generation to keep it competitive.

Last year this car was sold in more than 100,000 example even though it has stuck nine years in the market. The car we are talking about is the Dodge Journey, which refuses to leave this world in its current iteration.

Toyota Sequoia is a vehicle to be admired since it is partially hand-made. This one was launched in 2008, and although its sales are on an average level, it is still profitable for the company to assemble it.

Only one year younger is the Ram 1500 which, despite its new body and interior, is an old truck under its skin. However, there is no reason to withdraw this pickup from the market since many still purchase it and it has proven itself as one of the best.

A popular car in an unpopular segment in North America is the Fiat 500 which just knows how to draw new customers with numerous special editions and modifications from base model all the way up to the Abarth versions. Oh yeah, we almost forget to mention that the Fiat 500 has been here for 10 years.

Another vehicle that can be found on the market after a decade is the regular Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, which will, unfortunately, go to retirement this year.

Even though it was replaced by the new Compass, this list cannot do without the Jeep Patriot, the most affordable AWD small SUV in the market. Aston Martin Vantage comes after the Compass, but at the top of the list is a German SUV.

This SUV is the Mercedes-Benz G-Class that has been introduced in 1979, and it has been updated over the years. This car cries for a replacement, but it is still a popular choice among buyers, because of this it is going to be available together with the new iteration.

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