Top 10 Most Searched Automotive Brands of 2016


Google came up with the list of most searched automotive brands of 2016, so let’s see which brand was the most popular this year.

On the very top of the list, we have a Japanese carmaker Honda, which may be a bit surprising to some. Honda is followed by the German giant Mercedes-Benz, after which we have Tesla, proudly standing at number three. Number four belongs to Lamborghini, which is trailed by the Swedish Volvo, a company which introduced a new design in 2016 and obviously drew more customers.

American automaker Ford is standing at number six, which comes as no surprise since they brought an amazing F-150 ute and revealed the GT supercar. The Blue Oval company is followed by two British powerhouses – at seven and eight, we have Jaguar and Bentley respectively. Jaguar is now offering a high-riding model, while Bentayga SUV definitely marked 2016 for Bentley. Maserati is also on the list at number nine, probably because of the new Levante SUV. Last but not least is Rolls-Royce, but people who searched this brand probably wanted to do some window-shopping or just admire the new Cullinan SUV.

Chevrolet, Toyota, and Volkswagen didn’t make it to the top 10, which is surprising indeed. We also couldn’t help but notice that Ferrari is missing from the list as well. While Honda definitely left their mark with the new Civic as well as the new CR-V, we expect this list to change in 2017.