Top 10 Food You Should Avoid When You Are Pregnant


When you are a pregnant lady, you should take care of your diet, and how much you are eating on a daily basis. The body is not responding in the same way, and now, when you are pregnant, there are several things you should avoid in pregnancy because it can cause spontaneous abortion. In the text below we write about the top 10 food you should avoid when you are pregnant.


  1. The papaya is a superfood for preventions of many different diseases. This fruit reduces the risk of diabetes, heart problems, and cancer but while you are pregnant, it is not safe to eat green papaya because it contains papain and releases latex. It is known that latex can trigger contractions and jeopardize the pregnancy.


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  1. The pineapple is tropical fruit, and you need to eat just one cup in a week because it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, but it is not safe to eat more when you are pregnant. The pineapple has the bromelain, the enzyme which breaks down proteins and causes bleeding.


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  1. The pomegranate is a fruit which is good for a sore throat, and heart disease, but it is the type of food that must be the big no-no for pregnant ladies. This fruit has some kind of steroid in its seed which can stimulate uterine contractions and cause an abortion.


  1. The eggplant is a plant from the family of potato and tomato. This plant is full of antioxidants which can fight cancer. The eggplant is used in treatments for menstruation problems, and that is why people believe that it can cause an abortion.

Sesame seeds

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  1. The sesame seeds are healthy seeds full of calcium, iron, and vitamins, but these seeds cultivated from the sesame plant are not recommended during pregnancy because it is bad for the fetus. It is considered that these seeds are producing the heat and can damage the baby.

Goji berries

  1. The goji berries, also called wolfberries, come in different colors, dark red or orange. China is a homeland for this fruit, and most of the people think of them like the superfood, but it is believed that berries can lead to abortion.


  1. The parsley is a common green plant used in a kitchen. This plant can cause contractions in the uterus when you eat a large amount of it. The parsley is the top 1 DIY abortion method in the countries where abortion is not allowed. It can cause massive bleeding, and it is not safe for women to try this.

Chamomile tea

  1. Chamomile tea is a natural popular sedative tea which can cure stomach problems. This kind of tea is not recommended for pregnant women because chamomile contains small amounts of thujone. The thujone is a chemical compound that can make uterine contractions.

Green tea

  1. Green tea is not a herbal tea and has a huge among of caffeine, and we know that high level of caffeine can increase the risk of having a miscarriage because it can get to the placenta and stay there longer then it should.

Acacia pods and banana leaves

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  1. Acacia pods and banana leaves are considered a tool for inducing abortion in some cultures. We do not know for sure how this can affect the pregnancy, but you should avoid consuming it.