Romo: “Cowboys Will Be Tough To Beat If Healthy”


Even though Tony Romo is no longer a Cowboy and now has another gig that he is preparing for, there is no doubt that he still loves him some Dallas Cowboys. From now on, his job is going to require him not to look only at the ‘Boys, but analyzing all other 31 teams as he is getting ready for a broadcasting career. Still, that doesn’t mean that he won’t follow the Cowboys just a little bit closer than other squads.

Dallas is coming off a great season, the young core is improving, and all of their major pieces are still there. If this young defense can be opportunistic and make some plays from time to time, that is going to give this team a huge boost. Many people are going to pick the Dallas Cowboys to win this division and rightfully so. But, a lot of things can happen during the year, and they are not a lock to win the NFC East by any means.

One of the analysts that are probably going to pick them to stay at the top of the division is Tony Romo. Here is what he had to say about his former team.

“I think you find that Dallas, expectations are obviously ramped up, and that happens when you have a season like they did last year and rightfully so. If Dallas can stay healthy, they’re going to be a tough team to beat. I’ll get into more analysis later. Right now at this point, they’ve been healthy enough to get through the offseason without anything detrimental that can really hurt you going forward. From there, it’s just about creating the culture and getting the environment right.”