Tony Romo Willing To Backup Dak Prescott


The news that is coming in is somewhat surprising. It’s no secret that the explosion of Dak Prescott hasn’t been easy for Dallas’ Cowboys’ long-time starting signal-caller Tony Romo. Dak Prescott Is playing very well while the team is winning without Romo. The most logical thing to do would be for Cowboys to stick with him.

But not because Romo is a bad player. Just because of the fact that Dallas is on a roll now and they shouldn’t do anything to kill off their momentum. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, it’s just as simple as that old saying.

Recent reports are that Tony Romo is willing to backup Dak Prescott for now. Tony realizes that this team is doing great things on the football field and doesn’t want to be the one to spoil everybody’s good time. It might be that. Or it might be some good PR move from Romo, Who knows. Also, what do you think would happen if Romo wouldn’t support Dak and he gets back to the field and mess up? Fans reaction would be devastating.

As of right now, Prescott is the starter for this franchise. Romo is not active in Week 10, but there is almost no doubt that Romo will suit up next round. The only thing that is in question is whether or not he will be on the field flinging that football or on the sidelines holding the tablet for Prescott.

According to Romo, he wouldn’t mind doing that in Week 11 against the Baltimore Ravens. But, don’t bet that he will be content with that job in the future matches.