Tony Romo Trade is Dallas Cowboys Top Priority in the Off-Season


With the loss to the Packers, Cowboys season has just ended, and it’s time for the offseason to begin in Dallas. There are already some big news about potential offseason moves that this franchise could make.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported on NFL GameDay Morning on Sunday that the Cowboys’ “No.1 priority this offseason is trading Tony Romo. Barring retirement, which I understand is still a possibility for Romo, he is not going to want to be the Cowboys’ backup next season.”

It’s pretty clear that Dallas won’t have an easy job finding the perfect trade partner for the longtime Dallas Cowboys‘ quarterback. Dallas might wait until somebody is desperate enough to trade for Romo like the Vikings were when they went for Bradford after Bridgewater went down.

“It’s no secret that his No.1 spot would be the Denver Broncos, but from what I understand (trying to acquire Romo) is something the Broncos are not inclined to do, “Rapoport said. “Then you start to think about where can he go? Maybe the Bills, maybe the Bears, maybe the Texans. All of those things would have to be a perfect fit. And from the people I’m talking to, trading Tony Romo would be a lot harder immediately this offseason than anyone really anticipated.”

Dallas doesn’t mind having Romo as their quarterback. He is the perfect backup to have. But, his contract is just too big for a guy that might not even see the field and is taking a lot of Dallas’ cap space. That is why Dallas will try to move on from Romo.