Tony Romo sheds some light on his relationship with Dak Prescott


It is a well-known news that Tony Romo retired last week. His next stop is a career in broadcasting. Although we wish him all the best this switch actually came as a surprise. To add to it many rumored that he would get offers from Broncos, Texans or any other team in search of a good quarterback.

We doubt that this move was the best one he could make but the Dallas Cowboys surely have nothing to worry about now. There is no fear of Romo joining another team and fighting for a Super Bowl. The process of release was eased in that way.

One possible reason for this release is his former teammate Dak Prescott. He is holding the position of starting quarterback firmly, and we don’t see him losing it in the near future. Even Romo had words of praise for him: “Not only is he a great player, but he’s a good kid.” That is a truly nice relationship since Dak helped Tony handle the transition from field to the booth which is never easy.


Romo added that it would have been harder for him if it wasn’t for Prescott. He shared these words on SiriusXM show (courtesy of Mike Krzyzewski): “It probably wouldn’t have went the same way if Dak wasn’t, you know, a good kid, he’s very respectful. He’s someone that wants to learn.”

Romo even supported Prescott’s accession to the starting quarterback position. We know that from Tony’s kind-hearted message addressed to the media. He praised the rookie and stated that he earned it fair and square. Romo added that he stepped aside since Dak was healthy, young and a better fit.

Another fact that made this decision even easier is the fact that Prescott really focused on the game of football and by doing so he had all rights to that position.

“If you really just care about football. At the core, if you just love the game, I’m going to like you as a teammate. I’m going to root for you, I’m going to want to see you succeed and I’m gonna want to go out of my way to help you. He has the appetite to want to be great and he’s got a skill set that’s good. I think he’s just going to continue to develop it.”


Instead of monitoring Prescott’s performance from the sideline, Tony will now have the job of analyzing his game. That’s a different role from the one he was used to, but we think that Tony will adjust well. Who is better for that job than him, considering that he was a top quarterback for almost a decade.

We’ve already said that the two have a great relationship and in that light, Prescott thanked Romo for being a great teammate via Instagram right after Romo announced his retirement.

These two friends made life easy for the coaching staff because of their great relationship. These transitions don’t go this good so often, and Cowboys were very lucky to have avoided problems. Aside from being great sportsmen, Dak and Tony are two smart adults and Dallas Cowboys can be proud of that.