Tony Romo Saga Continues After Cowboys’ Loss


It was unfair towards the Cowboys if you expected them to win every game for the rest of the regular season and finish the year at 15-1. At least one loss was bound to happen, and it did on Sunday in New York. As soon as the Cowboys lost the game, the questions about Tony Romo were ready for Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett.

Whenever Prescott has a below average game, the questions about Romo and whether or not he should be on the field will take over every single Dallas Cowboys’ media appearance. This saga probably won’t be over until either Tony Romo makes a start for the Cowboys because of Prescott’s injury or bad play, or after Tony Romo leaves the Cowboys and gets traded to another team.


Both Jason Garett and Jerry Jones said that they haven’t even considered putting Dak on the bench and Romo on the field, but they both haven’t stated that this is now Prescott’s team. Jason Garrett is still not on any record saying that. Tony Romo did them all a huge favor with that press conference of his in which he stated that Prescott is the guy for the Cowboys moving forward.

Dak Prescott had one of his worst games as a starter in the NFL, but he will get the chance to bounce back next week. Unless something unexpected happens, Prescott will be under the center for the remainder of this season.

What do you think about this call? Is Dak Prescott the future of Cowboys franchise or you would like to get few more years from Tony Romo?