Where Does Tony Romo Rank Among NFL’s Best Quarterbacks?


There is no doubt that Dak Prescott would have never gotten the chance to start this quickly for the Dallas Cowboys if it wasn’t for the injury to Tony Romo. He was always one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL as he is talented. What separated him from the other elites is the fact that most of the best signal callers in the game always had more success in the postseason as almost every single of them has a Super Bowl title.

Tony Romo, on the other hand, has only won two Playoff games in his career and hasn’t even played in a Super Bowl. Still, when it comes to the skills, he is one of the best. The reason that he is not starting for the Cowboys is not the fact that he is not good enough. It is because Dallas was winning with Dak Prescott and the team didn’t want to fix something that wasn’t broken.


He is a pretty expensive guy to have on the roster as he is by far the player that takes the most of Cowboys’ cap room, so he has to leave the team. But, when it comes to talent, he is still a good QB and a lot of squads could use him. If we had to put the ranking on him, we would definitely not put him in the top tier of the NFL quarterbacks with guys like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. But, when we look at what he can do with his arm, how accurate he can be, we have to put him in that second tier of the league on that position along with guys like Russell Wilson. He is still a Top 12 NFL quarterback. Whoever signs him is hoping to get that, and not an injured player that can’t stay on the field.