It was Saturday, and former Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo made his official debut as a CBS broadcaster with Jim Nantz. The place this happened was the Dean and Deluca Golf Invitational in Fort Worth, Texas which Nantz was calling and where, briefly though, Romo made an appearance. During that brief time, they managed to talk about the similarities between broadcasting and football.

Romo said “I think when you’re a football player, you end up being a guy who goes through a routine each week, and you’re used to getting ready for one game and you put in all this preparation and time all week,” and added that “for me, I like the preparation aspect of that — playing the quarterback position.” Romo also continued by stating that “This feels similar. I get to keep that same routine. You’re watching tape; you’re kind of doing the same stuff to kind of get yourself ready each week, and then you have your Sunday. Your big moment when everyone’s out there”.


If you recall, there was a lot of speculation regarding the future of Tony Romo, but he managed to clear the entire deal up when he decided to take the job as CBS’ No. 1 NFL color commentator in April. Romo surely does not have any broadcasting experience but that hasn’t hurt anybody before him, and we believe it will not hurt this guy, or stop him from doing a great job, as well. What Romo has plenty of is engaging personality which he definitely has shown throughout his career and thanks to that he has always managed to say anything remotely controversial. That fact there, along with him being a former Cowboys’ All-Pro quarterback, is what the network is looking for and is prepared to reward richly when color commentators are considered.


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