When Is Tony Romo Going To Get Cleared To Play?


Ever since Tony Romo went down with the injury, his goal was to get ready for Week 8 and be available for his team. Everybody wanted him back as soon as possible, but since they have seen what Dak Prescott can do and how good he is for this squad, nobody is rushing Tony Romo back.

Dallas’ starting quarterback wasn’t ready for Week 8 action. He was nowhere near close to returning last round, and he won’t return this Sunday for a duel in Cleveland against the Browns. So, when can we expect to see him cleared and ready to play?

Well, it might happen next week, but we think it’s going to happen as soon as Prescott has a bad game. Tony Romo is not going to replace Prescott as long Cowboys are playing winning football while their rookie quarterback is not making mistakes. But, as soon as he fails in one the future games, you will hear that Romo is ready to play.

That still doesn’t mean that he is going to take over at that point, but that is when Jerry will let him suit up and maybe even pick him to start. As a team owner, Jones knows that if he replaces Dak for no reason, media will go crazy and everybody will consider that to be a terrible move. Plus, if Romo fails to be spectacular, both of them will be in big trouble.


As soon as Prescott starts slowing down, Romo’s name will come up, and it will be interesting to see which quarterback will get the nod. There is no doubt that Garrett wants Prescott, or at least he should want him to start. But there is also no doubt about the fact that Romo is Jones’ guy. Let’s see what happens.