Tony Romo – A Choke Artist or A Legend?


Tony Romo is going to be released or traded from Dallas Cowboys, and some of the reasons are his age and the fact that Dak Prescott, whose potential is extraordinary, is the new starting quarterback. Tony Romo went from being an undrafted free agent to the Dallas’ all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns, which makes him a team legend.

The fans on social media are giving Romo a hard time, teasing him about his frail 36-year old body and his 2-4 career playoff record. For most people, he will always be the guy who botched a snap against the Seattle Seahawks back in the 2007 playoffs and they seem to forget that Romo was one bad call away from defeating the Packer nation a couple of years ago, in the divisional round of the playoffs.

It is so easy to bash Tony Romo and call him names and a choke artist, but is this really true? Usually, when we talk about success in football we boil everything down to the rings a player has won in his career and we forget that it is a team sport and everything has to work as an oiled machine for a team to record a “W” and win championships.


Tony Romo is arguably the best fourth-quarter quarterback in the NFL. Ever since 2006, he is the best quarterback when it comes to fourth-quarter victories (25), whereas his passer rating in the most important quarter of the match is 102.9 – pretty impressive, don’t you think? Also, he has led 30 game-winning drives, while his quarterback rating in December is 133.7, which is the best rating in NFL history.

Also, Romo is a pretty solid quarterback in other quarters as well, considering that his passer rating is fourth in the entire history of the league and he has thrown 248 touchdowns opposed to 117 interceptions. His last two season when he was healthy were in 2013 and 2014 when he had 65 touchdowns and had only 19 interceptions.

The team (the Broncos?) that is going to sign Romo must consider his health, of course, but if he can avoid the injuries, he will definitely make an impact on that team.