There are a lot of quarterbacks that have played in the NFL, but Tom Brady just might be the best ever. He has the numbers and the titles to back it all up. The scary thing about him is the fact that he still has a lot to give to the New England Patriots and that he could very well break even more records going forward.

Today, in this tight win against the Jets, he tied Manning’s record for most wins for a quarterback. This was Tom’s 200th win as the signal-caller for the New England Patriots and he will get the chance to break that record next week as this team will be going up against the Rams.

Brady played a solid game as he completed 30 of his 50 total passes for 268 yards and two touchdowns without any interceptions. Jets took the lead in the fourth quarter, so Brady needed to make a comeback.


He did just that as he connected with Mitchell for the second time in the end zone to propel his team to a 22:17 win. It wasn’t an easy game for the Pats, but nobody really expected that to be the case against the Jets. New York has played them tough in the past couple of matchups.

This time it was Brady who was victorious. With this win, the New England Patriots are still sharing the top spot with the Oakland Raiders in the AFC.


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