Is Tom Brady The MVP Of The NFL?


There are guys that have elevated their level of play this season. As a result of that, they found themselves in the MVP Conversation for the first time in their careers. Derek Carr is definitely one of them, Matthew Stafford is another guy that can be considered. There are also those two rookies in Dallas that have been sensational this season and should be considered as MVP Candidates.

Should a guy, that has missed four games in which his team went 3-1, win the MVP award? Tom Brady has lost just one game since he’s been back. Only two picks and 22 TD passes are a great argument for him being one of the guys that should be in the best player conversation. He is making Chris Hogan, Malcolm Mitchell and some other guys relevant. Throughout his career, he’s been able to do that almost every season as he is making a lot of guys look much better than they actually are.

The Patriots are still the best team in the AFC. He is the best player this year and should be in the conversation. It’s tough for us to put them right at the top because he missed those four games. But, Dak Prescott has slipped up in the past couple of weeks, and we didn’t witness those magnificent performances that we are used to seeing from him.

If Prescott plays well in the last couple of games, we are inclined to pick him. But, if he doesn’t meet the expectations and Dallas lose some matches, Tom Brady would be our pick for the Most Valuable Player award.