Tom Brady Dominant In His Season Debut


After serving his 4-game suspension, Tom Brady was back on the field this afternoon. He showed why he is one of the greatest ever to play the game. Some thought he would be rusty and all that, but he showed no signs of slowing down. Brady was just as dominant as ever in his return.

Just like many times before he didn’t throw many balls down the field, but with Hogan in the area, he hooked up with him on a couple of big plays for huge gains. At the end of the day, it was a pretty easy win for the Patriots.

It was a great team effort for Belichick’s squad, but there is no doubt about who was the best player on the field today. It was Tom Brady who threw for 406 yards in his return. He went 28/40 to go along with his three touchdown tosses and no interceptions. Numbers do look great, but the eye test looks even better. And he passed it with flying colors.

Gronk is also back with five receptions for 109 yards. Hogan was his favorite target as he had 114 receiving yards with Brady on the field, but we also need to mention Martellus Bennett who was able to grab all three of Brady’s TD passes.

This dual TE attack in New England is looking deadly. And it’s only first game that Brady is back. He will surely improve as he gets more time on the field. And then, it’s lights out for the rest of the NFL.