Today, this woman is one of the highest paid fitness models


Hattie Boydle is an international 26-year-old fitness model, one of the best in her job. Even so, believe it or not, about ten years ago this girl’ life on the edge.

She was quite an ordinary girl, but she was heartbroken after one of her closest friends died. At that moment she decided to change everything about her life and to become the best.

“The sudden death made me realize that life can be taken away so quickly,” she said.

Very soon, she started to practice a lot and to eat little. She was never entirely satisfied with her reflection in the mirror. Then she would again reduce the amount of food for the day, and started going to the gym more frequently.

“My mom was very concerned about my exercise and made me stop. But as soon as she went out in the morning for a walk, I would exercise.

“I would get out and run for two hours until I was purple. I’d exercise so much, but I just couldn’t stop.

“I would clean the house; I would cook but not eat the food; anything I could do to move. I would wake up and do muscle squeezes in bed, because in my mind that was movement and exercise.”

She said she would go for a walk that would last for hours.

“When you’re anorexic it’s like you’re brainwashed, you don’t have an ‘off’ button,” she said. “You’re constantly on autopilot. You’re so depressed and so unhappy you do what you tell yourself to do. I’d never be hungry; I’d never get tired from exercise.

Then her mother took her to a hospital where she got her first meal after which she fainted instantly as her body was not used to such a great amount of food.

She managed to recover in hospital but was still afraid of not getting too much weight.

“I got out of the hospital, but then I learned about Bulimia through a magazine,” she said.

“I read in Cosmo about a girl who would eat and throw up a little bit to keep her weight down. I started to do the same, and it was really hard to get over.”

Soon she realized that she would not live long if she continues to do so.

“I realized that my problem was with my mentality,” she said.

“I told myself just one thing I liked about myself every day to try and change the negative perception of body. It really helped.”

Four years after going through hell, she did become the best. Today, she is one of the most famous bloggers who is very successful at what she does.