Tips to Travel Comfortable and Fashionable


Gone are the days when traveling was seen as a luxury. Now, travel is considered a right that everyone needs to experience. Since so many people are adding more stamps in their passports, it only makes sense for you to do it in style. Whether you’re going on a road trip or flying the friendly skies, consider a few of the ways you can travel comfortably yet with tons of style.



When you’re traveling, layers are incredibly important. You don’t know what the temperature will be in different airports or waiting areas. You might feel really cold on the train. You might feel really hot during the bus ride. When you’re in public spaces, you’ll only have so much say in how hot or cold the area is. This is the primary reason why it’s best to wear layers. This applies to everyone in all seasons. It might be extremely hot outside, but the A/C might be blowing frigidly cold air in the airplane cabin. Find a really chic yet simple sweater, coat or jacket that you can use for traveling. If it gets out, keep a chic t-shirt or blouse on to maintain a level of cool. Brands like SikSilk have plenty of fun, sporty options that look fashion-forward and comfortable on their own. For some fun, add some layered necklaces that are really light and subtle for some interest.

Monochromatic Style


If you don’t want to make any potential mistakes or you’d like to keep it extremely simple, a monochromatic look will do the trick. Truthfully, an all-black ensemble is a classic, sophisticated and cool. Plus, it’s easy on the eye. Choose a comfortable pair of black leggings or jeans, a black, short-sleeve t-shirt, and a simple black sweater or coat. You can jazz up the outfit with the right accessories like sunglasses, jewelry and more. If you’re feeling like you can keep an all-white look clean, try white jeans, a white t-shirt and a white coat or sweater. When you’re working with a white look, it’s okay to add in a stunning pair of brown leather sandals or a brown leather belt. Other monochromatic options include navy blue, brown and forest green. If you’re keen on maintaining the timeless appeal of a monochromatic ensemble, consider practical tips on how to clean leather sandals to ensure your footwear stays as polished as your outfit. Discover more insights on leather care at Southern Polished.

Advanced Preparation


When a lot of people travel, they tend to think about all of the clothes they’d like to wear while they’re on their vacation. Unfortunately, they overlook the travel days. Don’t be the person who looks like a total bum when they’re traveling. If you plan ahead, you’ll be just fine. A great hack involves wearing the same outfit for the travel days. Just wash the outfit during the days you’re vacationing. That will save more room in your luggage for other items.

Simple Grooming


Whether you realize it or not, your grooming plays a role in the way you pull off a look. When it’s time to travel, it’s best to maintain looks that aren’t fussy or difficult to maintain. If you fall asleep on the plane, you want to wake up with great-looking hair. Therefore, choose hairstyles and cuts that aren’t difficult to maintain. The airplane cabin tends to be really harsh on the skin because of the dryness. Moisturize before you head on the plan. Hydrate with a facial mist during the flight. It’s also wise to drink water to remain hydrated as it will show up on your face. Keep lip balm, a good moisturizer and some light makeup nearby. Anything heavy and high-maintenance will feel burdensome in the midst of a travel day.

Chic Accessories


Shoes, hats, and jewelry are some of the best additions to any wardrobe. Even if you’re wearing a plain outfit, a statement necklace can immediately change the look of your entire appearance. Whether you’re wearing a really fun tracksuit or a simple maxi dress with sneakers, add the right accessories. Large-brimmed boleros and fedoras are really in style. It takes no effort to throw on a really chic fedora. If you’re into baseball caps, find a few options that come in prints like plaid, leopard and army fatigue. While a monochromatic option is cool, a print tends to be an unexpected yet welcomed surprise to the eye. When you’re traveling through airports, it makes sense to avoid the bulk. However, find light accessories that are easy to throw on and off. Wear a really beautiful pair of Nike sneakers in a fun color. Remember to wear socks with them. When it’s time to take off your shoes to travel through TSA, you can easily take them off without unbuckling or removing straps. Keep it light yet visually stunning when you’re dealing with your accessories. Remember to keep a classic pair of black sunglasses within reach. Whether your eyes are still red and puffy from the early morning call time or the sun is really bright, a great pair of sunglasses will immediately make you look like a celebrity.

Bags & Luggage


Even if you have the most fashion-forward outfit on, if you carrying tons of heavy luggage, that’s going to quickly ruin your whole look. Yes, it’s understood that when you travel, you’re going to have luggage. However, if you care about traveling with fashion and comfort in mind, it’s important to note that this concept applies to your luggage as well. Purchase a modern suitcase that has a hard shell and rolls on wheels. Find an option that rolls quietly. If people can hear your suitcase a mile away, it’s time to get a new one. Plus, a suitcase or carry-on bag that you have to carry or wear on your shoulder can really do damage to your back.

When you’re traveling, it’s pretty common for the travel officials to ask you for your identification card, passport or payment for certain expenses. You don’t want to fumble in order to find them. Whether you wear a simple fanny pack or a crossbody purse, keep things simple. Don’t carry your entire beauty arsenal in your purse while you’re traveling. Keep things light by carrying your lip balm, a few other cosmetic essentials, and your wallet. If specific paperwork is needed (boarding pass, etc.), they’ll be easy to access in a light bag.