Now, we have all been under the huge influence of internet development in the past few years. Apart from the fact that internet has become the best place to buy and sell things all over the globe, it is now the main platform for free communication as well and with numerous social networks, you are able to develop your unique profiles and even become an influence star. One of the first social networks invented was Facebook, and it still remains to be one of the most popular out there. And though Instagram might have been getting more new users than Facebook during the past few years, Instagram still falls under the same company so there is basically no competition.

Still, if you are somewhat old school when it comes to social networks you certainly do have your Facebook profile and had used it for numerous purposes. But certain things have happened and you either forgot your password, or someone maybe even hacked your profile and now you can’t log in! Now, your instant reaction would be to panic but there is no need to it. If it is hacked there are numerous ways you can prevent the person from doing harm to your profile or sending other people malware content through your profile. On the other hand, if you just lost your login it will be easy to recover the password in just a few steps. Without further ado let’s go ahead and take a look at a few main options!


How To Retrieve Your Facebook Password

1. When it comes to the answer on how to hack Facebook (in order to retrieve your password) there are a few simple and easy solutions. First and foremost, in case you have used for example your Yahoo account to sign up, it will be just a few steps process. Once on the Facebook page, click on the Forgot your password, and you will have a window popping out recommending a few solutions. If you do have the option to retrieve it via your Yahoo account, then do so. It is the easiest way and requires no more than a few minutes of action. You log in to your Yahoo account and figure out a new password for your Facebook account. In case you forget easily we do recommend to have the same password for all your social network and email accounts, or at least keep them written down in a notebook.

2. On the other hand, you can retrieve your Facebook password using a recovery email option. Unless you have used your Yahoo account when signing up for Facebook, chances are you had to type in a certain Gmail or Hotmail address to complete the process. And now you can recover your password using the same. Once again, repeat the process of going to the Facebook page and clicking on the Forgot your password. Go for the recover via email option and log in to your email. Now, by that time you will have received a reset link that will lead you to a page where you will be able to type in a new password and thus safely log in to your Facebook account.

3. Last but not least is recovering via a mobile phone number. Now, along with signing up via email you usually type in the number of your mobile phone as well. And if for some cases you can’t log in into your email either (maybe you forgot that password as well) you can go for the send code via SMS method to retrieve your Facebook password. In a matter of a few minutes, you will receive an SMS that includes a code you will use to reset your password. Once again, we do recommend that you use the same or identical password for most of your social network accounts.



While your initial reaction might be to panic due to the fact that your private info might be at risk, there is no need for it. Retrieving your Facebook password is as easy as a few minutes works, and it will take no longer than three steps. As you can see, there are a few recommend methods to do it effectively, and it is up to you to choose the one that you feel most comfortable with!