Tips for How to Get Rid of Your Old Car


The truth is – we all get attached. We get attached to the person we love, animals in our apartment, laptop and all kinds of other things. Getting attached to your car is something totally different. Years spent inside of your car will give you a special connection with that creature. You will start feeling when something is wrong. You can feel the pain of your car hitting the road bump. So, one of the hardest things to get rid of your old car. There are so many ways to get rid of your old car, but selecting the right one might not be an easy thing. All the good memories about the places we have visited with that car will be gone ones we find a new owner for our favorite junk.

Outside of selling our vehicle, we can give it to someone in our inner circle that we love. Like someone in our family who just got a driver’s license. This would be a very useful gift since the majority of fresh drivers are younger people with not so much cash in their pockets. The first car will be always remembered. Some websites even ask you about your first car as a security question. If you decide to list your first car under security questions – make sure not to talk so much about them with your friends.

Selling your car for cash is always an option. Markets are large these days and the biggest question is the price of your vehicle. If you want to be competitive and sell it fast, you have to go below what the Blue Book says. Bluebook might not always be so correct since the price largely depends on where you are located. You can also use some other websites like Craigslist where you can check the price of an identical or similar vehicle, around that age and condition. If you have a maintenance record, use it as a winning tool at the point of sales. Things in writing sometimes might even have a stronger value than the car value visible from the outside.

Don’t forget the makeup. If you are still stuck with a cash option, try to put some time in making your car pretty. Good cleaning from the inside and outside will make the car look younger and more useful than what they really are. Using a special spray for dashboard will also show to a potential buyer that you were maintaining your vehicle on a regular basis, while you are the only one that knows the real truth. If your engine is creating a lot of noise while running, you can cover that by turning on the music. That does not mean to increase the volume like that you are on a rock concert. Low volume, relaxing type of music while driving might give a better look to your old car.

Trading your car for another might be a good solution. If you need something better, slightly more expensive – car dealerships will be open to help you as long as they have an interest in the transaction. Some dealerships might not get involved in re-selling very old vehicles, even if they get them practically for free due to storage space, time and money for advertising and so on. This might be a good moment for you to take into consideration the option of getting some sort of energy-saving cars, such as a hybrid. Their functionality is getting better and better as the time is passing by, due to technology investment and development. A lot of vehicle owners are looking into energy and money saving solutions on the long run. Going electric or solar is one of them. They might be more expensive at the moment when you buy them, but saving fuel will put the money back into your pocket. Outside of that – there is a whole list of things that come as a benefit of driving this type of car.

Junkyard – just around the corner. For all the old vehicles which we did not maintain so well, junkyard might be the best solution. Old, well-maintained vehicles are sold as antiques, while old rusty junk is good for nothing. Recycling or selling cars for parts is the last option. Some vehicles are not worth to fix any longer. The cost of labor might be way above the market price of the vehicle after fixing, so going in that direction might be a total waste of money. In the past, vehicles were more expensive, mostly due to a lot of human hours being invested in the manufacturing process. These days, almost 90% of car assembling is done automatically by machines. That is the reason why the price is going down day by day. Keeping your old vehicle on the backside of your house for a very long time is a total waste. That is the reason why we suggest that you should call junkcarsus and have them pick up your vehicle. Last time we spoke with them and they arranged to pick up very fast. We did not have any need to look around for other solutions at the time when our vehicle was ready for the junkyard.


To donate your car to a nonprofit will be beneficial to someone in need. We usually don’t see how rich we are until we become poor. A donation will make people happy and serve others in need. Nonprofit organizations sell used things and collect the money. That money is used to support specific programs in local communities as well as across the globe. Furthermore, nonprofit type of organizations have volunteers – great people ready to give their time and energy to make other people’s lives better.

As long as we do not get so emotionally attached, we have solutions on how to get rid of the old car. Pictures were taken and they will remain kept in our memory for us to remember happy times with our best buddy on wheels. Sooner or later, we will bring old pictures out on daylight and memories will be coming to us one after the other. Places and material things are usually directly linked to the specific time of our lives.