8 Tips for First-time Homeowners When Renovating Their Homes

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First-time buyers hardly get their dream homes. When they enter the market, they often focus on affordable homes with a major focus on land size and position.

Many new homeowners are also happy to be in the real estate market, but this novelty wears off eventually. And it is only natural to think of how they can improve the value of their homes.

It can be very easy to get intimidated by the complexities and costs of home renovations, which gives you a chance of securing a good price when you decide to sell it.

Plus, looking at your property and concentrating on the areas requiring more attention can be very tempting. However, this mightn’t be a great approach if putting it on sale is your only goal. To help you renovate your home, the following are tips to look:

1. Budget for Unexpected and Expected

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Your budget is important during home renovations of a home. Without money, your renovations won’t get far. You must have set aside savings for the planned renovation projects. That is because you will have to buy furniture, paint, materials, and tools and even hire the right contractors.

But ensure your budget includes wiggle room. Renovation projects are often full of unexpected expenses, and you might want to prepare for what may arise.

2. Research Well

Before buying a home to renovate, ensure you research thoroughly. Renovating a house and making it your own might be a perfect way of making more money. However, the renovation expenses can be a challenge to attain your goal. Get estimates for renovation costs while you negotiate the purchase price of your home, and ensure you can afford both.

Always have your residential property inspected by an expert, especially when it is in bad shape. You would want to renovate your home without spending a lot of money on electrical upgrades or foundation work to make your property safe.

Last but not least, ensure the renovation project you plan is possible. At times, homeowners have a big dream of tearing down walls or removing the flooring, which is better off left the way it is or refinished. This makes it more important to consult a contractor before buying such properties.

3. Hire a Qualified Carpenter

A carpenter is an important part of projects requiring the construction of its components. In order to ensure you don’t make costly mistakes, it would be wise to research the best carpenters in Sydney you intend to hire.

Shelf construction, general repairs, closet building, and cabinet installation are some of the few household projects, which skilled carpenters can do.

While every carpenter has a higher level of competence, they specialize in several areas. It would be best to ask about their specific areas of specialization before you make a final decision.

4. Spend More Time in the Surrounding

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This may sound obvious, but it would be best to hold off on decisions such as carpet, light fixtures, and paint colors until you spend more time in the space you want to renovate. For instance, choices can turn out to be very overwhelming when looking to replace a dated carpet.

Whether you want loose or dense fibers, the answer depends on other renovation aspects, such as choosing a paint color. If you choose paint colors before the start of the renovation, you will still have to see them on the walls. Your decision about colors may change as you spend more time in your house. Plus, new carpet and freshly painted walls may reveal that an existing lighting fixture doesn’t illuminate the room as you thought it would.

5. Handle the Most Costly or Pressing Tasks First

One effective way to approach a renovation or build is to conduct major parts first. This might mean the most important or expensive, or even both. A perfect way to evaluate this is to figure out what should be conducted first.

Importance and cost don’t always mean the same thing. However, they fall pretty close in order. That means when you get big things out of the way, you may have more time so as to focus on other things.

6. Don’t Unnecessarily Rush on Renovations

You shouldn’t hurry through your processes. Once the project starts, any updates may lead to exasperating delays and add to the cost. Carefully consider what your contactor proposes since you will have to live with that decision for many years to come.

Plus, you should start to plan the project once you get a floor plan, not until you receive the keys. With more time, you can ask around, meet several firms in interior design, and compare deals.

7. Be Wary of the Planning Permission and Building Regulations

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If you are planning to make an external change to your home, you will need planning permission. Failure to get a green light for your project, you risk saying goodbye to your dreams before even things get started.

Some homes are often listed with building regulations and planning permissions granted already, so it would be best to research before buying. Hence, if you are looking for a perfect project in a particular place, first look at what the other homeowners have got away with.

You will also need permission to complete internal renovations before breaking the walls down. This will help to ascertain the health and safety of everyone in and outside building.

8. Avoid Dangerous Construction Materials

Dangerous construction materials are among the things to be wary of, especially in older homes. Using asbestos was banned in 1990 in Australia, and lead paint was banned in the 1970s.

The presence of these dangerous materials doesn’t really mean that you shouldn’t purchase a home. You just need to factor them into your calculations for the budget when buying a home since you may have to pay an expert to remove them on your behalf safely.

To Wrap-Up

Generally, two important things to do include planning and researching. It is okay to have bigger dreams when renovating a home, especially when it is going to be your own. However, note that it will be your first. So make everything perfect through these tips.