When Is The Time To Start Colin Kaepernick?


Colin Kaepernick has been the backup quarterback to Blaine Gabbert this season. Even though he is probably a much better player, he was sitting on the bench while Gabbert was their signal caller. Now, after their 1-4 start, we wonder when is the time to insert him into the starting lineup.

There are reports that 49ers are working on reconstructing Kaepernick’s deal and that should be a good sign for him. Fans are also chanting “We want Kaep” and this should also help his case.

Gabbert has completed just 58 percent of his passes to go along with his five TD tosses and six interceptions. Against the Cardinals, he had one touchdown and two interceptions in a blowout loss at home. Grant it, it wasn’t all his fault, but still, he didn’t impress and wasn’t able to bring this team back into the game. Also, we should point out that he is averaging the least yards per pass out of all the quarterbacks this season.

San Francisco has a decent schedule going forward. They will be facing the Bills on the road in the next game, and after that, they are hosting the Buccaneers and Saints.


When is the time to start Kaep then? Well, let Gabbert play in Buffalo. After that, you plug in Kaepernick into the starting lineup and let him work against Tampa and New Orleans. Prepare him in the next few weeks and then fully unleash him. San Francisco really doesn’t have a thing to lose by putting him in the fire.

When he was struggling last season, a lot of people were talking about Colin being traded to the Eagles since they needed a QB and he could fit Chip Kelly‘s system. Well, Kelly is now on the same team as Kaep. It should be interesting to see what they can do.