Tight Ends – Dallas Cowboys Situation Going Into 2017

Source: dallascowboys.com

When it comes to the Tight End position for the Dallas Cowboys, there is only one name that comes to mind. Of course, that is Jason Witten, a guy that has been with this franchise for over a decade now, a guy that most of the players love in the locker room, a guy that is going to finish his career with the Cowboys as he re-signed with the team recently and a guy that is going to end up in the Hall of Fame once his run is over.

On big third downs, you know that you can count on him to get open and make a play to keep the drive alive. He was a security blanket for Tony Romo all those years while #9 was playing for the Cowboys. Last year, he was that guy for the rookie Dak Prescott. While Witten is getting up there in age, there is no doubt that he can still block and catch passes for Dak Prescott and Jason Garrett. He also brings a lot of experience to the team.

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Somebody needs to be the leader in the locker room. There aren’t many better candidates for that on the Cowboys roster than Witten. He knows how to be a professional, how to be successful at the NFL level. It is a shame that this man still hasn’t played in a Super Bowl in his illustrious career. Cowboys were twice the number one seeded squad when he was on the team, but they failed to reach the Championship game. With the Dallas Cowboys being good right now, there is still a chance that Witten will win the ring that he for sure deserves.