Three Things That Could Change Cowboys Season


The 2-3 Cowboys start to the season was not expected nor predicted by anyone. Spirits are down, but there are reasons to look positive on the remainder of the season. Despite winning two games, against arguably, and now considered, to be a bad teams Giants and Cardinals, Cowboys just needed more. They failed to deliver but the season is still young, and there is time to turn things around. After the bye week, Dallas outfit will be full of strength and ready to compete. Here are three reasons to look forward to Cowboys football and winning.

Dallas’s Elite Offense

The slow start of the season is behind us. The Cowboys offense looked like the old selves from the last season in last two matches. Many people knew or at least expected for the offense to be the dominant side of the team and now, they are. They had terrific outings against Rams and Packers in the last two games, but they were left out in the open by their defense. Ezekiel Elliott is carrying less than he did last year, but they have managed to play pass to replace those yards. Also, Dak Prescott is playing by standards that he set last year. He got better with every game, and if he continues like that, Cowboys only need the defense to step up.


Pass Rush and Sacks

The name of DeMarcus Lawrence is mentioned the most when you talk about Cowboys defense. Since the departure of DeMarcus Ware Dallas didn’t have a standout pass rusher. Lawrence is currently leading the league with 8.5 sacks. With David Irving coming back from suspension they should establish themselves as the leagues best pass rush defense. On this seasons debut, Irving recorded two sacks. The rest of the secondary is still shaky but they are young, and there’s enough space for improvement.


Sean Lee

With all the flaws that Cowboys defense has, the linebackers problem is their most significant issue. Yes, Sean Lee is 31 years old and has injury problems, but he is by far the best player on that defense. Against Giants and Cardinals he had good games, and most importantly Cowboys won both of those matches. With him back and fresh the America’s Team defense will receive that much-needed dose of both quality and confidence.