Three Most Entertaining Tag Teams In The WWE Today


Tag Team wrestling is not as great as it once was in the WWE, but there are some teams that are pretty funny and know how to entertain the audience. It seems that this type of matches in the wrestling world is all about entertainment today and not actual competition in the ring. If that is the company’s only goal, they are successful. Here are the most entertaining teams today.

Cesaro And Sheamus – They started off as big rivals but then became a tag team, and their interaction in the ring is always fun to watch. They even had some segments outside of the ring that were pretty funny. This dynamic between the heel and a face at the same team is something we haven’t seen, and it’s working for these two guys.

The New Day – These wrestlers are probably the most popular tag team in the company. Their comedy has been one of the best things on Monday Nights for two straight years, and that’s why the company gave them the title and let them break the titles record in this competition. They will break up eventually, but as of right now, they are still in full force as a tag team, and the WWE Universe still likes it.


Enzo and Big Cass – Even though the New Day is always fun to watch, Enzo and Big Cass are the most over tag team in the company. WWE is not doing anything with them right now and is not giving them enough material to work with, and yet, somehow, they are still enjoyable to watch. When Enzo talks, everybody is listening and liking what they are hearing. They are the most entertaining thing about the Monday nights, and certainly, these two could be better employed in the future.