This Is The Biggest Surprise On Smackdown Live!


When we take a look at what Smackdown Live did over the past twelve months, we are going to say that they didn’t produce good shows. More often than not, WWE just went through the motions when they booked these shows. Coming out of the brand split, they were the better brand but have fallen off the cliff quickly. One thing that has been shining on this show was Rusev.

A lot of the fans are still in shock that this man is as over as he is right now in the WWE. His catchphrase “Rusev Day” is so over that we can not even explain it. It was just a hashtag on Twitter. People watched Total Divas, where he was a guest as he is a husband of Lana. His personality is something that the fans loved, and they got behind him.

At the beginning of the year, Rusev was a nobody. Let’s be honest about it, he had no direction in the WWE as they really didn’t book him as that dominant monster heel that he needed to be. Now, all of a sudden, this man is probably the best thing about Smackdown Live. People of Chicago, during this last edition of Smackdown Live, were all over Rusev. They wanted him and Aiden English to succeed.


English, who is now involved with Rusev, has also been great. He is basically the hypeman for the Bulgarian Brute, but he has done it in such an entertaining way that he is going to get over just by association.

We can only hope that WWE doesn’t cut down Rusev and bury him for no reason. Wade Barrett once had this great catchphrase, but WWE just didn’t want it. Let’s hope that they don’t make the same call on Rusev and pull the plug on him like they did on Bad News Barrett.