Things you should know when you take your dog for a walk


If you are a pet owner, you probably know all the important things when it comes to walking your dog. However, if you are a person that recently got a pet and never had one before, we have a few tips to provide.

Walking a dog is simple, at first sight at least, but there are many things that you need to know in order to improve the safety of both you and your pet, as well as some other rules that are simply learned by experience. Let’s take a look.

Walking the street or going to a pet park?

Your dog loves nature, and although it will be happy if you take it anywhere outside of the regular living area, they still prefer parks with grass and preferably other furry friends as well. The city filled with cars and buildings is not their natural habitat, and they’re not very satisfied when you take them for a walk in this kind of an area. Sure, if there are no nearby parks or something like that, there’s nothing you can do really. But, if there is, make sure to regularly take them there for a good run.

Always have your pet harnessed

We do understand that you like your pet to be as free as possible, but just like we mentioned earlier, if you are walking it in a busy city with boulevards and cars, walking them without a harness is a pretty big safety concern. Why? Well, you dog can get easily distracted and run after a car or another dog, potentially causing an accident. In order to avoid all of this, make sure that you have a leash and a harness. If you want to choose the best and most comfortable harness, feel free to visit Pet Struggles. Besides, laws at certain states require you to always have your pet under some kind of a control, so you’re also avoiding legal trouble while increasing the safety of your pet.

If it’s a bigger pet, you need a mouth cover

Some people are just afraid of dogs, and some dogs are sometimes aggressive for no reason. We’re not saying your pet is like this, but many owners have been surprised by the actions of their dog upon seeing them bite a person or another pet. In order to avoid all of this, many states implemented a law which requires you to always have a cover on your pet’s mouth, especially if it’s a bigger dog.

While interacting with other pets, make sure to take it slowly

We understand that both you and your pet are happy when you see another owner walking their dog, but don’t just let your pet run at them without any added control. You never know what’s going on in their mind, so make sure to take it slowly. Let them sniff each-other, get used to their presence and then let them play if you see that everything’s going fine. There are a few rare cases where for some reason dogs will start barking at each other, which is a sign that they’re not really happy with what they see, so in such cases you might be better off just walking away.