8 Strange Things You Can Not Do While Pregnant


Finding out that you are going to be a mom is an important event in your life, but it must be pretty confusing, too! We know that you can use a special website, like VeeBabes, to find some answers to your questions, but we thought it might be useful to know beforehand 8 strange things that you will not be able to do after getting pregnant!

Raising a child is a difficult, but fulfilling process, and you will surely make the best out of it! Pregnancy is also a complex process, especially if you are expecting your first child. So many things are changing in your body, there is also a new set of rules that you must be aware of, so we compiled a list with the most important 8 things that you should know!

1. Stay away from cats for a while!


We know you love your little furry baby a lot, but in pregnancy, it is better to keep a little distance between you and your clawed, cute, fluffy friend. The reason is that cat feces can contain a virus that is very dangerous and harmful in pregnancy.

You should limit the contact with your cat because it walks on its litter, which means that it can spread the virus all over your house. Make sure someone helps you clean the house more often if you have a house cat.

2. Avoid certain food!

It is common to be craving all sorts of foods while pregnant, but you should certainly avoid some types of products that are harmful to your health. Some of the most dangerous foods for you and your baby include heavily processed meat and soft cheese.

You might be wondering why you should avoid consuming those. The reason is pretty simple: they could be carrying a bacteria called Listeria. These bacteria can be killed by heating the dish while cooking it or reheating it.

To prevent infections and unwanted situations, it is better for you to completely avoid those types of food, especially while eating out in a restaurant. As the saying goes – better safe than sorry!

3. Some activities are a big NO-NO for you!


Depending on how far in the pregnancy you are, your movements will become more and more limited, and it is only natural for that to happen. Some activities and sports that you used to love and practice will need to take a break from your schedule since they will become dangerous for your health.

You won’t be able to jump like you used to, so classes like Kang jumps or trampoline activities will be difficult for you to practice. Also, other sports like skiing or cycling will be tough to practice while pregnant, but you will be happy to hear that there are also certain activities especially for pregnant women, like water sports and classes. Be sure to have a professional instructor that supervises the class!

4. Do not use electric blankets!


Being pregnant, means you are responsible for your baby’s health, too, not only your safety. So, forget about using electric blankets! Although comfortable, these blanks are warming you up by using low energy electromagnetic field.

This electromagnetic field is thought to be harmless for humans, but to be quite honest, its effects are poorly understood, so why risk it? Besides, you might want to avoid exposing yourself to the danger of high voltage electric currents, right? Stick for the classic blanket and you will be just fine!

5. Be aware of your sleeping position!


Doctors from all over the world have advised pregnant women to sleep on their left side if they can. This position is the perfect one to increase the blood flow to the fetus and prevent certain complications such as backaches or other risks. We know it must be hard already to be falling asleep with your baby bump but try to avoid sleeping on your back as it can cause breathing problems and digestive issues.

6. Say goodbye to cleaning … for a while!


Everybody enjoys a clean house, a shining kitchen, and a sparkling bath! If you’re one of the people that clean out of boredom, then you might be sad to find out that cleaning should be avoided for a while, when you’re pregnant.

The reason for that is the use of chemical substances for cleaning. Those substances might be harmful to inhale, and your exposure to them can be dangerous for the fetus. Those substances should not be used in closed spaces that are hard to ventilate.

However, a pregnant woman can clean using said substances if the spaces are well ventilated, with all the windows open.

7. Hot baths are dangerous!


Hot baths with scented candles and lots of bubbles might have to wait for a while! Hyperthermia is a real danger for your baby, as its body temperature begins to rise. This can harm its internal organs, being similar to a high fever.

It is recommended to take warm showers, as they might be even more comfortable for you, too!

8. No more coffee!


Coffee intake has been related to some birth defects, affections like AD/HD, and miscarriages in recent studies. There is not a lot of evidence for this, but it is recommended to avoid consuming caffeinated beverages while pregnant.

This might be good for your health, too, as caffeine has been linked to high blood pressure, poor sleep, and anxiety.

With all these in mind, we hope that you will enjoy this wonderful time! Being pregnant is a blessing and you should use this time to build a tight-knit family and prepare yourself mentally for the busy life of a mother!

From hearing your baby’s first cry, to watch him grow and experience lots of wonderful firsts, being a parent is one of the most rewarding things you could ever ask for! We hope this list will come in handy and clear up some of your confusion!