Things That Can Help You Land A Job At Facebook

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Facebook has faced a lot of criticism lately, but that hasn’t stopped them from being one of the best companies to work for according to various media outlets such as Forbs.

However, getting a job at Facebook is a tougher task than one might expect and the first step starts by sending in an application.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the things that can help you successfully land a job at Facebook.

1. Your skills are ranked higher than your experience

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The vice president of Facebook’s human resources says that Facebook values skills over experience. Don’t be fearful of applying for a job at Facebook even if your resume doesn’t match the job description.

Facebook understands what really matters and they don’t want to fall into the same “needing a job to get work experience, but needing the work experience to get the job” circle.

They also say that men are more likely to apply if they lack the experience then woman, and they say that by doing this, women are doing themselves a disservice.

2. Focus on Your Strengths

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The next step of the application process is several rounds of interviews with some of Facebook’s recruitment team. During these interviews, make sure to spend time reflecting on who you are as a person and what your key strengths are. Being able to understand what you bring to the table is very important for a company the size of Facebook. Working at Facebook can be a dream job in terms of the working environment and the salary, so it’s only natural that they will do a full screening of you. You will be asked a lot of question in order for them to evaluate how dedicated you are to your work, so be prepared to give good hardworking answers.

3. Prove You Are a Builder

Facebook values people who will demonstrate strong solving problem capabilities. The next part of the application will be you trying to demonstrate your problem-solving capabilities. Facebook has a widely used term for people who have these qualities, and they call them “builders”. It is the thing that Facebook looks most at when considering hiring a person. Another thing that Facebook values, is the ability to constantly learn on the job. Facebook wants people who are willing to improve themselves as they work. They don’t want the “expert” in everything, or the “know it all”, or someone who thinks he knows everything and is not willing to learn new things or improve on previous.

4. Be Yourself

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Facebook is doing something intended for real people, and that’s the same sort of attitude they look for when talking to applicants. By being yourself you will have a higher chance of getting your desired job at Facebook, says Facebook’s vice president of human resources Janelle Gale.

Being honest and authentic is the best tool you will have when applying for a job at Facebook. They say that it’s easy to see right through a person if they are not portraying who they really are, so even if you’re true-self is not what they might expect, it sure is a better option than lying to them.

Facebook regularly gives out a Facebook internship to bright, talented people who want to get a feel of how things at their work. Facebook Internships also look excellent on your resume for future employment.