How Therapy Dogs can Improve Your Mental & Physical Health


Being happy is the most important thing. Nothing is more important than being happy. A smile and joy are the two most valuable things we can have for ourselves. It is very nice when we laugh, it is nice when we are happy in every part of the day when we share that joy with everyone during the day and we make the day of other people much brighter and better. It is simply the power of happiness. But still, there are days when we are not happy, we do not laugh, we do not want to see other people … Then we are just sad and it is very difficult for anyone else to help us to change that. Sometimes it can last too long, for days, weeks, months …

We need to be careful not to get into a more serious condition such as anxiety that triggers anxiety attacks or an unwanted condition such as depression that is difficult to get out of. In order to get out of these conditions, it is necessary to go in time and talk to a professional, ie a psychiatrist or psychologist who will try to find the problem and understand it. To solve the problem will need more conversations, if necessary, dietary supplements, medications are prescribed, and in recent years medicine has found an effective drug that definitely changes lives. These are therapy service dogs.

Therapy dogs are specially trained friends that help people recover from stress and bad feelings. They are the most loyal friend in the moments when they feel that they have no one by their side and they are the biggest support in those moments when they feel alone. The results are much faster than previously thought and that is why they are always the first solution that doctors decide on. Wondering what makes them so special? Why are these furry friends the best solution? In continuation, we bring you the answers on this topic that we think everyone should know.

What is a therapy dog and how do they help?

You thought about buying a puppy, but you did not do it on time. It is never too late. If you have ever felt unhappy, sad, depressed, then in order not to repeat that feeling you need to get your furry friend – a therapy dog. Therapy dogs are seemingly interesting, and yet special dogs that with their power try to change people’s thinking, improve their mood and make them simply feel better than ever. These are specially trained furry friends by professional and experienced trainers who spend about 3 months with these dogs and in a nice and simple way teach them good habits, good gestures, show them how to behave in specific situations, and with to be of great help to people with anxiety or depression. This is the dog you will love the most, say the professionals who have been dealing with these topics related to improving mental health and stability in humans for many years. This friend is the best thing you can afford in the days when they are not good because in those moments it will not leave you alone and will be your little furry angel who will make all situations happier and happier with his appearance.

What does it take for a dog to be a therapy dog and help people?

If you are wondering about the process that a human best friend goes through until he or she receives a degree for a human therapist, we must tell you that the process is long and extensive. The process takes a minimum of 3 months in which your friend literally learns a lot of new things. It initially teaches how to be calmer, in what parts of the day to look for food and how to look for it, to know how to recognize situations (when you are sad, unhappy and at best when you are happy), to know how to help you in situations in which no one else can help you and other similar situations that it must be aware of. It is a whole process that is led by experienced professionals – trainers. They spend most of the day with him learning and testing his knowledge in order to make the dog as prepared as possible. Once they prepare him, they find a new boss with whom he meets and who will simply help him in the future to cope with what he is facing and going through.

Can any dog ​​breed be adapted for this purpose?

The most common question that each of us asks ourselves is whether each dog breed is good and easily adaptable for this purpose. The answer is no. In order for a dog to be intended and trained for therapy, it must, first of all, be friendly and love people. You know some of them can be aggressive if you show them that they should be aggressive, but they will only be aggressive if you show them that they should be. Most dog breeds are friendly and easily adaptable to do this job. Most of them have been used for many years not only as therapy dogs, but also as service companions for people with disabilities, the blind or deaf, and children with disabilities who need constant support and a friend who will follow them throughout the day. Just a few of the dog breeds that are adaptable for this job are Labrador, Golden Retriever, Dachshund, and other small and medium breeds that are friendly and cooperate in training and learning about their new profession of which they are very proud.

Now that you know the most important things about these dogs for therapy, you also need to know when you need help. Mental health is the most important thing. The brain is the engine of the body that must never be so easily lost control. So be careful and react in time to situations where help is needed. Ask for the right help, but know that even these little furry friends can provide great help in those moments and giving you your paw as a sign of friendship will help you get out of bad thoughts and bad mood. However, dogs have been and will remain man’s best and faithful friend.