The United States government has taken keen interest in the BlackBerry 10 devices. The government has asked for white papers from various companies asking their ability to provide security features to the said device.

As per the notice issued by the government, United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), Special Operation Forces (SOF), Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (AT&L), Next Generation Infrastructure (NGI) Division within Program Executive Office (PEO) are seeking white papers. These papers are sought from all responsible sources from industry, academia, individuals and Government laboratories that are capable of providing a commercial or non-commercial capability for integrity verification and tamper detection solution for the BlackBerry 10 platform.

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) has not commented on the decision of the US Special Forces yet. However, the executives at the companies must be happy about gaining a customer like US Special Forces. After all, a product that gains acceptance of the military needs no advertisements about its quality. The military units constantly need to establish communication with each other. The units like Navy Seal often do not use full networking equipments due to nature of their work. At such times, communication device like BlackBerry 10 comes in handy.

The United States government has decided to continue their use of BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) devices. The only change this time, is the decision to further secure these devices. The government wants to be sure about the security of these devices.

According to the recent notice, the United States government is soon going to appoint an integrity agent. He will ensure that the mobile devices start and continue to remain in a trusted state. It will also allow Special Operation Forces (SOF) to track and audit all modules available on the BlackBerry 10 platform.

The government is seeking to add security features to the BlackBerry 10 to increase its utilization. The command teams will now know if any unauthorised applications are trying to gain access to their network. These features will make this product of BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) exclusive to military applications.


  1. It’s unfortunate that so many have such a distorted view of what Blackberries actually do…all day…..every day. SOCOM uses the BB10 OS because at is core, it uses a completely different cryptographic technology than the commercial RSA “open” standard that all the others use, including Apple. It’s rumoured that the RSA encryption has been breached by ethical hackers (NSA ?) and it’s predicted that it’s only a question of time before the bad guys also do it and open up bulk of data communications to any and all to read.

    Once this occurs, Blackberry will be the only widely used “closed” encryption method which is why the NSA and SOCOM are so interested keeping this technology around for their really secure needs.

  2. It will be interesting to see what affect this Opptrends news will have on the BlackBerry share price in the future. And also to read the articles of various naysayers and bashers of BlackBerry. In particular Andreas Hopf, KIA, DEVVVV and W. A. Mozart.

  3. SOF needs a reliable, secure phone with a physical KB for forces in the field. BB10 by BlackBerry fits the bill perfectly. Waterproofing would be a nice addition for the Navy types.

  4. I think DEVVV want’s his name to become a verb and a noun in the urban dictionary to complement the word Troll:

    -To DEVVV an article: like Trolling, but with a tinge of lunacy.
    -DEVVVviant: Lunatic troll.

  5. This was already to be expected with the underlying os that BlackBerry bought, great decision by them unbelievably reliable os architecture, a real time operating system and a true microkernel. All the others claim microkernel architecture but actually in fact aren’t, they’re just half-baked os products, QnX is the real deal.

  6. What is sad is that the conversation ends up being about his craziness rather than any facts relating to BlackBerry be it good or bad. He completely lacks any objectivity let alone intelligence. Annoying and definitely has a personality disorder but fits more with a narcicisstic one. He definitely fits DSM criteria for that.

  7. Seriously, it’s bad form to poke fun at him if he’s not opening the door. Let’s focus our discussion around the article and what this means to BB and to the mobile market in general.

    I’m curious about what the USSOCOM are considering around the commercial space for IoT. I think it is clear that in the commercial market, BB is the champ for security. As SOF continue to extend their leveraging of commercial assets, what does this mean for other smart devices that the military uses that could benefit from the private sectors investment. I’d be curious how BB is positioning IoT with USSOCOM or other government agencies to leverage such commercial assets to extend such initiatives like this into the IoT space…imagine that and I’m sure that Chen and company at BB have had similar thoughts 😉

  8. Well, that white paper makes it very clear as to who the CLEAR-LEADER is in Security.

    Next on stage is DEVVVV who will tell you that the US Government is wrong and that iOS and Android share the same mobile security measures as BlackBerry. Please go easy on him as he’s very young and quite naive.

  9. Personally, I’m convinced DEVVV suffers from a clinical case of delusional fantasy. He has no academic credentials to speak of, yet he is sincerely convinced he is deserving of a seat on the Board of Directors. Moreover, he is convinced he possesses unique technology that will save the company. Actually, he even once suggested that he has technology that could solve the issues facing the damaged Japanese nuclear reactor.
    DEVVV needs to talk with his family doctor and begin the process of healing and moving beyond these consuming fantasies.

  10. Waiting for Devvv to mention that someone he knows who knows someone who is close to someone in DoD or an ex-Blackberry employee, has heard that this is being done for Apple and Samsung as well because as KIA has stated all this security stuff is out there for any one to use. So, BB will still fold by next quarter.


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