The Top 7 Crazy and Kick Ass Bachelor Party Ideas


The best bachelor parties ever are the ones that everyone walks away after the party had amazing stories to talk about and also some part of it that cannot be talked about. A bachelor party is a lips-forever-sealed event that brings all of your close friends together in a bonding atmosphere.

For a truly epic night or weekend, plan a legit adventure. Your main goal or aim is to create a lasting memory, and nothing can be measured with having something exciting, new and a little extreme. Some ideas are highlighted below from which you can pick from to make that bachelor party a memorable one.

1. Pick a theme

A theme is an essential way to start the juices pouring when seeking for a bachelor party idea. Hawaiian theme, favourite movies, the 80s, western e.t.c are a few theme options you can pick from. With your theme chosen, you can begin to fill other gaps such as costume, choice of music and other activities. 

Using the western costume as a sample, you can shop for your jean jackets and scarves, cowboy hats and boots, chaps e.t.c in any vintage store around which can keep your budget in check. If you are thrifty in spending, each outfit can cost under $130, which only leaves the accommodation for the night, bar tab and transportation.

You can spice things up by including strippers and dancers dressed in western clothing and of course, plenty of booze. If you are scared that the turn of events might lead you to have sex with a random lady a weekend before your wedding, you can order for sex dolls at to be on a safe side. I also recommend giving out prizes for the best line dancer and to those who can ride a mechanical bull the longest. The awards don’t have to be very luxurious, a nice cigar or an engraved flask will be reward enough.

2. Get out to the Sea

If you have proximity to the sea or lake, this ranks as probably one of the best ideas for a bachelor party. Rent a yacht, a sailboat or a pontoon boat for the day. The watercraft itself should cost between $160-$380 for a 6hour run and except one of your Groom’s men is licensed, a captain often comes with the package. You will also have to add roughly $80 per hour for security. 

However, I don’t recommend the low-cost planning because, the more substantial the party, the more enjoyable. So dive into your savings and plan an intriguing and unforgettable bachelor party. Add the cost of drinks, food and gifts and also line up some activities while enjoying the cruise.

3. Paintball War


The truth is, pretty every boy or child grew up playing army. Running the woods and backyards, defending your country from enemies and aliens with your sticks or toy guns and emerging victorious. Revisiting your childhood wonder with your friends is probably the perfect scenario to end your bachelorhood, and paintball can make that happen. Summon your inner warrior and go into a paintball battle for as low as $130 or less per person.

4. Skydiving


The list of top crazy bachelor party ideas is not complete without the inclusion of skydiving. This act is the thrill of a lifetime, and it’s not for the chicken-hearted. So, deepen your bond with friends as you risk your lives together. It is very safe, but it doesn’t feel that way.

Before going up in the plane, there is a jump training you and your Groom’s men needs to partake in, so you may need to commit more than a day to actualize this plan. The cost of skydiving varies, but the average is around $260 per person. If you are not sure you can handle the thrill of skydiving, you can watch a few YouTube clips of people who have done so.

5. Ride the wave

According to various opinions, connecting to or having a feel of nature is the real kick for most men, and this is especially true when it comes to a bachelor party. When surfing, you forget about the world at that moment and connect with your inner self. The thrill of the waves and freshness of the water on your skin gives you moments of clarity. Sharing this experience with close friends is priceless.

6. Take over a new town

Thousands of people flock to Las Vegas every year for this very reason. But you and your friends do not have to add to that number. There are a variety of other cities in the U.S (or elsewhere) that have incredible clubs, restaurants, breweries, outdoor activities and more. Check out towns like Nashville, Dallas, Pittsburgh and Seattle- to name a few. You are sure to get more bang for your buck if you decide to go to smaller towns.

7. Dinner at a steakhouse 

It’s your bachelor party; there is no time to be sensible. Treat yourselves to a feast at probably the best steakhouse in town and order for several bottles of fantastic red wine. When again, will you have a reason to eat and drink like kings? Take the initiative and go for it. 

In summary, give yourself or your friend(the Groom) a bachelor party that will last in his memory forever.