The Rock Wants To Face Roman Reigns?


Even though he is not on the WWE TV at all, The Rock is still one of the most popular superstars. The amount of love that he received from the fans back when he was in his prime is almost unmatched by any other superstars that have stepped a foot in the WWE ring. He might even be the greatest of all time in the eyes of many. We don’t blame you if you think like that as he is a dang good choice for that conversation.

In the late 90s, he was dominating the world of wrestling. Now, he is the dominant force in Hollywood, filming a lot of successful movies and becoming one of the biggest, if not the biggest star in the business.

For The Rock, that is his main focus, and it will be until the end of his days. But, he still is a WWE guy, this man knows where did he come from and what enabled him to live the life that he is now living. People are always asking him whether or not he is going to make one more appearance on the big stage in his tights and boots. Yes, it is unlikely, but it is always fun to think about the opponents that he could be facing.

During the recent Q&A that he was a part of, a fan asked him to name three superstars that he would like to face again. Without a lot of thinking, The Rock named his former Rival’s Triple H and Brock Lesnar as his dream opponents. The one name that is new is Roman Reigns. The Great One added that The Rock really needs to put his foot in Roman’s behind.