The Rock Wanted To Work For CIA?


Dwayne Johnson, or better to known as The Rock to some people, is without a doubt one of the biggest actors in Hollywood today. We are referring to his popularity, but if you mean that he is one of the biggest in terms of his physique, you would be right on the money as well.

As we all know, he didn’t start as an actor. Heck, he wasn’t even a pro wrestler when he began his adult life. In fact, his first wish was playing football. Unfortunately, he didn’t really make it in football and the NFL, but he did play for the Miami Hurricanes before dropping that and becoming a professional wrestler.

Recently, he posted a picture on his Instagram showing his 22-year-old self in an orange Hurricanes jersey. The future movie star was smiling for the camera, wearing that jersey proudly.

He revealed that he wanted to work for CIA back when he was younger. You can clearly read that in the caption of the photo. That was his goal, and that’s what he was striving towards. But, his professor convinced him to take a slightly different route and get a degree in law, which is going to help him get the job that he wanted.

The Rock thought that professor’s idea was a great one until he realized that he had one big problem – his grades were not nearly as good as they should have been if he wanted to enroll in a good law school. Well, he actually used different words, but this is a way nicer way of telling you how he felt.

In the end, we think that everything worked out for The Rock. He even managed to land a role of a CIA operative in one of his movies, Central Intelligence, where he stared with Kevin Hart. There is no doubt that he wouldn’t trade the experiences that he has had in his career and the success that he has had for anything in the world.