The Rock vs. Stone Cold and 6 other most interesting rivalries at WWE’s WrestleMania!


86 Most Interesting Rivalries From WrestleMania

Any WWE fan knows about the centerpiece of the industry which is the WrestleMania. It is best known as an event that, basically, served as the final stage for wrestling’s biggest storylines. Well, that was once upon a time, and lately, it has changed into something completely different. Now it basically doesn’t stand out that much from other PPVs anymore. Why? Well, the fact is that the biggest matches of WrestleMania used to take months and sometimes years of buildup, while now the increased amount of PPVs, that still grows each year, makes this task almost impossible.

The first indicator of this was the rivalry between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, two of the Attitude Era’s biggest stars. WrestleMania couldn’t manage to provide long-term payoffs nor set the scenes and stories for next years. If you remember, these two brawled on three occasions, and each of their matches at WrestleMania was simply built off of the last one. Besides The Rock and Stone Cold rivalry, you will find six more that were highly anticipated year after year, and which basically helped WrestleMania become WWE’s most anticipated annual event. Enjoy!