The Rock Might Be On RAW Very Soon!


It just seems that Dwayne The Rock Johnson has a movie coming out every month. He is in high demand in Hollywood, which means that The Rock is working on new projects all the time. Because of that, his days of performing in the ring are probably over. We would be surprised if he were to dress up for a match in the next two or three years.

But, that doesn’t mean that he is not going to show up on WWE TV from time to time. Whenever he walks down that ramp on Monday Night Raw, the crowd just goes crazy. To many people, The Rock is still the favorite wrestler.

Because of that, there is always a possibility for some kind of a storyline with somebody from the roster. The goal in that situation would be to have all eyes on the guy that The People’s Champ is feuding with so that he can get over with the fans, while also boosting the rating since The Great One is on TV.

There is a chance that The Rock feuds with Elias who has been calling him out from time to time on social media. Elias would be the perfect guy for The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment to feud with since he can do a good job on the mic and can go toe-to-toe with The Great One.

They could even have a singing contest where The Rock brings out his guitar in order to show that Walk With Elias is no match for The Jabbroni Beating, Pie Eating beast.

We don’t want to see him against Cena or Roman Reigns. That’s all but over. Let him go out there and put a guy like Elias over. That would be a big break for him, while the ratings would receive a nice boost.